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Marketplace Homes Reviews The Little Things

Posted by Will Dickson on Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 at 11:00am.


When a call is answered quickly at a large company, that is a little thing that builds trust.

When an appointment is met on time, that is a little thing that conveys how important you are.

When a client receives a response to an email quickly, it’s a little thing that shows care.

When a great system is blended with incredible people, that means an organization cares about the future and invests in being great.

It’s these things that a company must be reviewed by. At Marketplace Homes, we are always in search of the next breakthrough innovation and the latest piece of technology. Past projects have included the creation of cloud-based real estate services, the  implementation of single location property management implementation, and the invention of Liquid Luminous Processing. Since 2008, we have provided our clients the ability to find solutions for their home by providing answers over the phone and the through the internet. Due to this unique ability, we’ve been able to become the first company to manage homes in 37 states all from one single location. With Liquid Luminous Processing, real estate photography is taken to the next level. Our revolutionary techniques makes photos of homes appear to be 3D and really pop. This helps our client’s homes stand out from the pack. Current projects revolve around the iTour, our revolutionary service that combines home automation and real estate. While we’ve been able to accomplish great things, none of that matters if we miss the little things along the way. Doesn't it make you wonder why so many other businesses miss the little things? While working on a partnership with a large national online real estate company, I was told that 80% of the leads they provide to real estate agents are not called within one hour. Even worst, 60% of all leads that are sent to agents through this company are not called back at all! At Marketplace Homes, we think that this is simply unacceptable. We believe that the 2010’s are about integrating technology with people. Creating systems and processes that allow great people to produce extraordinary results.  Systems that allow for phone calls to be returned and emails responded to. So innovative real estate solutions, yeah we got that!  But it will be the little things that we will win or lose our clients by.   We invite you to experience the difference of Guaranteed results.

Stan Dickson

President, Marketplace Homes


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