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Purchase your investment home through Marketplace Homes and we'll agree to a Guaranteed Lease for up to 6 years.

If you agree to purchase an investment home through Marketplace Homes, we'll agree to a Guaranteed Lease on your investment for up to 6 years. We pay you rent, even if there is no tenant, and even if the tenant doesn't pay.

  • Guaranteed Rental Amounts
  • Guaranteed Payments
  • Guaranteed Less Stress

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Why a Guaranteed Lease matters when buying an Investment Property

If you purchase a home through Marketplace Homes, our interests are aligned.  We will give you a Guaranteed Lease, you get paid even if there is no tenant, and even if the tenant doesn't pay-- and if we don't rent your home for that value, you get our value.  We provide you with a guaranteed remodel budget, and if we go over budget, we pay for it.  In addition, we cover any damages over $5,000 that the tenant might cause, which means you can relax and focus on the upside.

With no vacancies or costly repairs, our investors see 8% to 18% returns.

Investing in real estate carries 2 big risks:


 Rent loss
 Large dollar amounts
 Instability of returns


 Unknown dollar amount
 Large dollar amount
 Instability of returns

With 20% down, our investors often see 8% to 18% returns from cash flow. Additionally, if the market appreciates just 5% annually, you stand to double your money in just 4 to 5 years.

Imagine 8% to 18% annually, and then doubling your money in 5 years, all while owning the underlying real estate-- it's possible!

Typical Transaction

  • 1 You find the home
  • 2 We negotiate the deal and provide you with a guaranteed rental and remodel budget.
  • 3 We close on the home.
  • 4 You collect our guaranteed rent check-- even if there is no tenant, even if the tenant doesn't pay.

The Next Steps

  • 1 Fill out the form below to get started
  • 2 We will set up a call with you
  • 3 You'll speak with one of our New Construction Investment Home experts
  • 4 You can purchase a new home confidently
  • 5 Your investment home lease starts the day you give us the keys

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Why Marketplace Homes


    We pay you rent, even if there is no tenant, and even if the tenant doesn't pay.


    Our Investment Program service is FREE to our investors.


    You get a Solutions Consultant, a Marketing Concierge, and a Leasing Expert on your team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you offer this?
At Marketplace Homes, we believe in interest alignment. Too many brokers are paid a commission, simply to get you to purchase a home. Our money is on the line with you. By lowering the risk for our investors, we provide more predictable returns and more repeat customers.
Do I have to buy a certain home?
No. You can purchase a home in any state where we operate.
Are you a turn key provider?
No. You get ALL the upside of any equity we can negotiate for you. You are purchasing the home. We simply are offering a Guaranteed Lease on the home and guaranteeing the remodel budget. You have us as an advocate to get the best value for you, with you. This is very different from a turn key provider that takes the equity as the upside.
What does it cost?
The program is FREE, as we would collect a buy side commission, typically 3% in most markets. If the home you are purchasing is at a very low price point, we may ask for the seller to cover additional expenses to cover the Guaranteed Lease.
How much do you offer in rent?
We typically offer $100-per-month less than fair market rent. For example, if the fair market has the home at $1,400 a month, you'll see a guaranteed $1,300 a month in rent.