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Guaranteed Lease

Build a new home and we’ll lease
yours for up to 6 years, guaranteed!

If you agree to build a new home through a partner builder, we’ll agree to a guaranteed lease on your existing home for up to 6 years. We pay you rent, even if there is no tenant.

  • Guaranteed Rental Amount
  • Guaranteed Payment
  • Guaranteed Less Stress

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It takes 30 seconds to receive a
no-obligation lease for your home

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Why a Guaranteed Lease matters when building your new construction home

Building a new construction home is the American Dream!  However, it can often take 120 to 500 days to complete and if your old home sells too fast or too slow, the dream can become a nightmare!


    • Double payments
    • Massive price reductions
    • Cancelling on your completed home

    • Expensive double move
    • Pricey hotels for months
    • Having all of your belongings in boxes

Over 25% of all homes built in the US do not close with the person that originally purchased it because of a home to sell issue.

0% of Marketplace Homes customers have home to sell issues, saving tens of thousands of dollars in lost funds and stress.

How it Works

If you agree to build a new home through a partner builder, we’ll agree to a guaranteed lease on your existing home for up to 6 years. We pay you rent, even if there is no tenant.

  • Guaranteed Rental Amount
  • Guaranteed Payment
  • Guaranteed Less Stress

The Next Steps

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  • 2 We will set up a call with you
  • 3 Over the phone, we will give you the value of your home
  • 4 You can purchase a new home confidently
  • 5 Your old home lease starts the day you give us the keys
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    You get a Solutions Consultant, Marketing Concierge, and a Listing Expert on your team

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Fill out the form below to receive a free market analysis and qualify for our Guaranteed Lease program! We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What rental price will you guarantee?
We agree to a price ahead of time based on our market analysis of your property. If you don’t agree, you do not have to move forward with our team. It is typically $100/mo below fair market, or about what you would pay a traditional property manager.
What is the cost of the program?
The builder pays Marketplace Homes a commission so this program is offered at no cost to you as a customer. You are charged no management fees!
How fast can you close?
We start the lease on the old home the day you give us the keys. This can be the same day you close on the new home or a few weeks later. You can move at your pace.
Can I buy a used home?
Marketplace Homes specializes in new construction homes, so our Guaranteed Lease Program is exclusive to buying a new home.
Are you my agent?
Marketplace Homes will act as the buying agent on the new home.
What if I am moving across the country?
We are uniquely set up to be able to handle a guaranteed sale in one state and assist when you buy in another. Contact us to see if your state is one of the many we operate in.
What if I have multiple homes?
We often guarantee multiple home sales if you buy a new home. Many times this has assisted newly married couples that have 2 homes and are consolidating households.
What if I can’t get a loan?
You need to pay cash or have a good source for funding your new home. We work with many professionals and can offer recommendations, but we are not a financing company.
No one visits my home? How do you know how awesome my home is?
We believe that speed is very important in real estate. In this market homes are sold very fast and if you found your dream home, you need to act quickly and get a value for your old home fast too. Technology has evolved to a place that we can get interior and exterior pictures of your property prior to even speaking with you, 95% of the time. This allows us to value and price your home in about a day. If your home isn’t in our system, we might need to request interior pictures from you.
How do you value homes?
We use advanced automatic algorithms, but we also manually underwrite each offer. This means our experienced team reviews every home to make sure that human experience can differentiate between a fully updated home and one that isn’t so hot. Additionally, our local team must review your property for accuracy as well.
What if I don’t want to wait 6 years to sell my home?
Every year a specialist will contact you and provide you an update with the current tenant and value of your home. You can do 3 things - continue in the guaranteed lease program for another year, sell the home or take the home back. The most common situation is that the home appreciates to a point that many owners sell and walk away with a big check in the future.