In the NAHB’s recent study on “What Homebuyers Really Want,” 60% of respondents say they would prefer pre-construction homes over existing structures. Pre-construction homes, also known as new construction homes, offer significant value to buyers for their brand-new features.

Homeowners of pre-construction real estate enjoy years of minimal maintenance because everything from the roof to the basement is move-in ready and full of modern upgrades. Instead of knocking out walls and renovating an old house, home builders can create a custom dream home from the ground up.

So how do you find these admirable pre-construction homes? What better advice to take than from the National Association of Home Builders?

Finding a Pre Construction Home: Do Your Research

To make informed decisions, you as a buyer must get all the information you can about builders and projects in your area. There are a few ways to do this.

Go straight to a local home builder’s association: Throughout the country, there are many local builder associations that are ready to help you find a dream custom home. Start your search by browsing this list of home builder’s associations to speak to a representative.

Google it: If you don’t feel like picking up the phone, you may also browse online listings about up-and-coming pre-construction homes.

Go spontaneously old school: Simply drive up to a neighborhood actively building and ask to check out the model homes.

Get an agent: When it comes to buying a new home, it’s advised to get the help of a real estate agent no matter what. You can even ask an agent to help you find a builder in your area. After you find a builder through whatever means, your agent will give you excellent guidance on selecting a new build and even provide representation throughout the buying process. If you have an existing home, they can also offer a solution for it — whether you want to keep it as a rental investment or sell it and use the proceeds toward your future down payment.

…And That’s It!

However, there is much more to do after you find a builder and a real estate agent. There are contracts to agree to and sign; there are building materials to select, and negotiations to iron out. Working with a real estate agent will alleviate a lot of your concerns and answer all of your burning questions.

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