Typically, people within the 35-50 age range have already experienced the process of buying a home — but they may not have experienced the process of buying a new home. This means that although these buyers have an idea of what to expect, you should still make necessary adjustments to your marketing to highlight your unique process, customer service, attention to detail, and educate buyers about what’s to come. After all, move-up buyers aren’t just looking for an upgraded home, they’re looking for an upgraded experience that’s tailored to their wants and needs this time around.

Here are a few of the best ways to market to move-up home buyers:

Emphasize your space.

Move-up buyers are leaving their first home in pursuit of more space for their family (whether they’re expanding their family, or their kids are physically growing larger); but this doesn’t simply entail a larger home. They’re also looking for more modern and functional living areas, more yard space, flexible rooms, etc. that provide comfort, day in and day out. Emphasize the areas of your home that give home buyers flexibility — from a patio to enjoy the outdoors to a den that can be used as a private home office.

But apart from flexible space, move-up home buyers are also looking for upgraded space. So don’t be afraid to show off! Make sure your buyers know that if they move into one of your homes, they truly will be moving up.

Upsell personalization.

Not only do move-up home buyers need their space upgraded, but they might also have a need and desire to personalize (which is something they may not have been able to do in their first home). Be sure to promote your options and flexibility, and if you have a design studio, highlight all of your unique selection enhancements that will help buyers achieve the home they want and have worked so hard for. Move-up home buyers are typically willing to spend more on personalizing their home as they tend to be a bit older and further into their careers. It’s important to make it clear that you prioritize each and every buyer’s individual preferences — and especially that your homes aren’t “one size fits all.”

Highlight what makes you different.

Today’s new construction industry is more competitive than ever, so it’s important to set your community and homes apart from your competitors in creative ways. All buyers want you to prove to them why they should do business with you. What sets your homes apart from others in the area? Does your community include amenities that others don’t? Do you offer options to assist move-up buyers with the home they already own?

If you’re already partnered with Marketplace Homes, you have an incredible tool to provide your potential buyers with – a solution for their current home! When a buyer agrees to purchase a new home with your builder, we’ll guarantee a solution for their old home. Whether we list their home at a discounted rate, provide free property management services, or they sell their home to us – your buyer’s move is Guaranteed.

Promote connectivity.

In today’s fast-paced world, growing families want the convenience of connectivity in their home — which is why your smart technology features are so valuable to move-up buyers. Features like video doorbells, garage door controllers, smart lighting, and smart thermostats save time, provide security, and add ease to a buyer’s daily routine.

But connectivity is not limited to technology — growing families also want to be connected to each other. The modern, open spaces in your home provide enough room for everyone to be comfortable on their own, as well as enjoy time spent together. If your homes offer an extra feature like a multi-generational suite, you have the opportunity to appeal to those who need even more flexible space, especially for an aging parent or a caregiver.
they sell their home to us – your buyer’s move is Guaranteed.

Your Move-Up Buyer Marketing Strategy

Marketing to move-up home buyers requires a clear understanding of what they’re looking for. As more buyers move into this category, competition is only going to increase. With that in mind, it’s important to focus on a few key things to set yourself up for success in the new year:

  • With buyers spending more time at home than ever this past year, emphasizing the space, and its functionality, is crucial.
  • Upsell all of the custom features and upgrades your buyer is able to make or choose from.
  • Showcase what helps your homes stand apart from the competition. Highlight any solutions you can offer for a buyer’s current home.
  • Promote any and all smart home features that you are able to offer, as well as how they will help improve the buyer’s daily life.

Feeling overwhelmed with how to sell to move-up buyers in our new normal? Don’t fret! Our team of real estate agents are on your side to answer any of your questions.