What Are the Best Real Estate Blogs?

Where do you go to get the best real estate advice? Whether you are a real estate agent looking for some information to share with your clients or a house hunter who wants to stay on top of market trends, a real estate blog is a great source of information for a variety of real estate topics.

But where are the best real estate blogs? Though almost every real estate website has some kind of content, not all realty blogs are of the same quality. (Also, if you’re here, I see you have a discerning eye… ?)

To help you get the best information quickly, I have cross-referenced some authoritative lists to create a list of the top 10 real estate blogs you can’t miss this year.

Top 10 Real Estate Blogs for 2024

There are so many blogs that have delivered excellent content for years, getting well-deserved recognition in the real estate business. Each blog is unique, offering in-depth content for different specializations — necessary in a diverse field like real estate. From housing market updates to property management pro tips, each blog has a unique profile that caters to different real estate needs.

National association of realtors

#1: National Association of Realtors (NAR) Blog

This content is a real estate agent’s bread and butter. Since it’s the official blog of the National Association of Realtors, the most qualified real estate agents who must undergo continuous rigorous examinations to retain their title as Realtor, it’s a no-brainer that this is one of the best sources of real estate information. Whether you want to catch up on the latest trends in the real estate market or learn how mortgage rates are affecting housing affordability, the NAR blog is the source to consult.

marketplace homes blog

#2: Marketplace Homes Blog

Just a year ago, our blog was small. But we have grown our content exponentially since mid-2022, going from just 20 blogs to over 200 posts by summer 2023, and we’re only continuing to build up and outward.

I owe this growth to the amazing leadership in this company, many of whom have taken the time to be interviewed to share their first-hand experiences and insights to provide original content for our blogs — no AI recycling here!

We’re answering questions for our niche industry of new construction home buying, creating eBooks and guides for investors, home sellers, and exclusive resources for builders to help buyers get to the closing table. Sometimes, we throw in some content about making your home better or getting the sweetest tax breaks too.

Inspired by the amazing blogs that have established their work for years, I’m so honored to be creating content in this dynamic industry, and to be part of a company that helps people find the home of their dreams through solutions difficult to find elsewhere.



#3: Forbes Real Estate

You can depend on Forbes Real Estate to give you some of the best industry news for both realtors and casual home browsers. I also appreciate how this blog features luxury listing news, which you can’t find in a lot of blogs. There is still relatable content like practical homebuying advice in the mix, leaving something for everyone.


#4: Biggerpockets Blog

The Biggerpockets blog is the investor’s go-to source for answers to burning questions and the latest news for real estate investing and commercial real estate. Experts in the field share their insights and advice regarding best practices, industry updates, and pros and cons of different investment methods. If you’re an investor, there’s plenty to glean from this blog and use in your business.


#5: Housingwire

When I want to explore a topic in real estate, Housingwire’s blog is a great source, especially when it comes to current events. You’ll find everything from real estate marketing tips to unique opinion articles about the hidden opportunities in high interest rates. It’s full of expert insights, original content, and truly an impressive blog.

re tipster

#6: REtipster

This blog is an incredible source of creative information about real estate investing, passive income generation, and more. You’ll find topics that take unique angles, answering questions in a way you never expected. Ever wondered how you can make $1k off vacant land monthly in 7 different ways? You’ll find insightful articles like these and more when you follow REtipster’s blog.

#7: Zillow Porchlight

Zillow isn’t just one of the main go-to directories for house listings, but it’s also got a great knowledge center. I mean, sometimes I just read it for fun when I’m not at work. That’s because this blog has a healthy blend of “serious” niche and casual home living content, so I can pick categories depending on what mood I’m in. Now excuse me as I take this quiz asking me, “Are you smarter than an interior designer?

The Close

#8: The Close

Boasting more than 400,000-plus page views per month, The Close has been working hard for half a decade to give you some of the best marketing strategy content from seasoned real estate pros like Ryan Serhant and Sean Moudry.

The Close specializes in lead generation content, which makes it a real estate marketer’s dream (hello, me!) but there are also plenty of real estate technology articles to educate new realtors on how robots and AI can help us do business — not take over the world. Just see it for yourself and you’ll see why yours truly adores this blog.


trulia blog

#9: Trulia Blog

Don’t sleep on Trulia’s blog. It’s got some of the most relatable, entertaining brokerage content that is also informative. Topics like “what to do when you have problem neighbors” just hit home and really catch your interest. I find it an ideal one to recommend to prospective homebuyers since it covers a wide range of topics to help people navigate important real estate decisions.

homemade realtor.com

#10: Home Made by Realtor.com

This is an excellent blog that you can recommend to readers of all levels and stages in their real estate journey. Home Made is a collection of stories, told via the company’s employees, about Reatlor.com’s “innovation, purpose, products, and people”. The result? A personable and relatable blog that is easy to digest and follow.



Honorable Mention: Inman

While this is a real estate news outlet and not a blog per se, it is one of my favorites for industry insights, opinions, and current events. If you don’t follow Inman’s real estate newsletter, run, don’t walk, to the latest sign-up link. The Inman blog is full of valuable information that will keep you updated with the latest real estate news, especially regarding tech and investment. So, if you’re interested in holding rental properties or want to catch the latest on real estate trends, look no further than Inman.

Top 10 Real Estate Blogs & More

No matter what you’re looking for, the best real estate blogs can answer many of your burning questions, from giving the best investing strategies, updates on housing trends, tips for home buyers and home sellers, housekeeping ideas for homeowners, and other information relevant to the real estate industry.

For more content about real estate, check out any of these blogs, or explore the other posts in the Marketplace Homes blog! Or, if you’re in the market for a new construction home, need to sell a home, or need a property manager, we can help with that too!

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