It’s no secret that AI is changing the way we live and work. Using AI to create images has been a game changer in stimulating creativity and helping people find the perfect image for their needs. However, this does come with the disclaimer that this technology is always learning and growing, and the product can only be as good as the prompt. So, yours truly has made an attempt at using AI art through Bing to see what AI thinks is the “Best House Ever” experimenting with different prompt methods.

Input: “Create a picture of the perfect house.”

Now, I was thinking that the AI would understand that I was asking it to create an image of the perfect house, but what I got was unexpected:

 Instead of making the perfect house, it presented a person in the process of making a model house. Fair- I wasn’t specific enough. So I decided to try again.

Input: “The Perfect House.”

Simple, to-the-point, with no room for error. The results I got this time were more in line with what I expected, but I was surprised at what DALL-E considered to be the ideal home. It’s like I had a peek into its real estate preferences, which reminded me of a home I’d see in The Shire in The Lord Of The Rings.

The best house ever ai generated image four houses that look covered in moss

 Intrigued by the AI’s selection of a pastoral, fantastical house covered in moss as the ideal, I wanted to double check that this was indeed its opinion. Ergo, another input.

Input: “The Best House Ever.”

My suspicions were confirmed. DALL-E does think the pastoral, fantasy house in the middle of nowhere with soft lighting and lovely greenery is the way. I am not opposed to this.

The best house ever ai generated images with four houses in a grid

But then I thought, “what if I’m just not asking it the right question? What if I need to be more specific if I want to produce the modern home that I have in my mind?” So I got back to work.

Input: ” The Best Modern Contemporary House, Realistic Style.”

Aha! Now that I gave it more guidelines, the AI had to stick within a certain theme. Since this was less “free range,” I was able to get the results I originally pictured in my mind.

the best modern contemporary house realistic style ai generated image four images

These results reminded me of a post I did recently about the Green Homes of The Future, especially the passive homes with the slanted roofs and unique design to allow natural air flow. Now that I knew the power was in my hands to create the best image ever, I had to stretch this program to the limits. However, I’m sure that the following input doesn’t even scratch the surface of what DALL-E can do.

Input: ‘The most pristine colonial house with a brick siding, white picket fence, one myrtle tree in the front yard, a cat on the porch, and a unicorn in the driveway.”

“There’s no way this can work,” I thought to myself as I clicked on “create.” But what followed proved me wrong.

 The only critique is that I would say that the houses remind me more of Federal or Georgian styles — not the modern colonial in my mind. Maybe the program got confused thinking I was talking about homes that existed in colonial times. However, they didn’t forget the unicorn, and that was enough for me. Since I went this far down the rabbit hole, I thought I might as well ask one more question for fun.

Input: “The Worst House Ever.”

Who doesn’t want to know what AI thinks is the worst house ever? I was not disappointed with the results.

The worst house ever ai generated images with four dilapidated houses

 I’d say these houses are pretty bad, to say the least. Definitely wouldn’t want to live here. If yours is starting to decompose and slide off its foundation like this, it’s time to look for a new house. Marketplace Homes can help you with that. Just let us know what you need and we can find you a beautiful new construction home that looks the exact opposite of the worst homes ever.

AI art is a wonderful tool that can help you find an image that’s difficult to find in open source databases and can even kick some writer’s block. Who knows what it will be able to help us with in the years to come?