What’s Guaranteed Sale?

guaranteed sale program allows a homeowner to get a guaranteed cash offer for their home as a backup while also listing it for sale on the open market. This makes it possible for the homeowner to test the market and see how much they can get by selling it to a standard buyer instead of an investor.

It’s a great option for a home that’s in good condition that can get a higher open market price compared to a buyout. It’s also an excellent choice for home sellers that don’t want to have any reason to back out of a deal and not miss out on any profit from current market values. With full control of the time frame to move into the next home, homeowners can relax while shooting for the higher price of standard market sales.

Where Can I Find a Guaranteed Home Sale Program?

To find a guaranteed sale program for your home, you need to find a brokerage that can list your home and provide an investor to be next in line with a cash offer. It’s usually more common for an established real estate team vs. a single listing agent to have this kind of setup. If you can’t find a realtor team that can do both, then you’d need to find an investor on your own.

For example, you may use a real estate agent to list and sell your home on the market and find an investor to offer to pay cash for your home if time is running out. This can work, but it can also be tricky because you don’t have control over how many home buyers will make an offer on your home, nor is it easy to find an investor on the fly.

Overall, finding a brokerage with an established guaranteed offer program is the easiest route. These companies are big enough to buy your home at a sale price that enables you to move. However, not all brokerages have robust investor connections. So, before you commit to any brokerage, check if their services include backup cash offers in case no standard buyer makes an offer on your home’s market value list price.

Why Guaranteed Home Sale Makes Sense

Over 25% of all homes built in the U.S. do not close with the person that originally purchased it because of a home-to-sell issue. This means that the original buyer ended up dropping out or not qualifying for the home financially. Typically, this happens because their first home fails to sell in time for the new home’s closing date.

On the other hand, sellers that use a guaranteed sale program can relax. Real estate experts list their home on the open market in hopes for them to cash in on the home’s value while also taking away the hassle of missing out on profit if the home takes too long to sell. Meanwhile, the listing agent uses the best marketing strategies to get the property in front of the right people, maximizing its chance of getting top dollar.

Essentially, Guaranteed Sale = Your home sold guaranteed, no matter what.

What Is Marketplace Homes’ Guaranteed Sale?

Marketplace Homes’ Guaranteed Sale is a special incentive program that puts the client’s home on the market while providing a guaranteed cash offer as a backup. If the house fails to sell within the desired timeline, we buy your house, guaranteed. This program offers the best of both worlds to our clients so that they know they won’t miss out on any opportunity to cash in extra on their home’s market value while not losing their dream home due to a home sale contingency.

Marketplace Homes Guaranteed Sale

When we buy your home through Guaranteed Sale, there is no need to “time” the sale of your first home and go through a lot of unnecessary stress. There’s no price to put on that peace of mind! It’s a great way to have control over when your home sells, regardless of the state of the real estate market. Ask us how we can help you get the home of your dreams without the headache of showings, expensive double moves, and rushing!

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Marketplace Homes Guaranteed Sale Program in Action

Marketplace Homes Guaranteed Sale Program in Action

At Marketplace Homes, we offer a Guaranteed Sale Program to provide property owners a reliable option to sell their homes quickly and with minimal hassle. Here's a description of how the program works: Initial Assessment: Homeowners interested in the Guaranteed Sale...

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