Buy SFR Homes

If you want to grow your single family rental home portfolio, you've come to the right place. Marketplace Homes has creative real estate solutions for every investor. Connect with us today to learn about our special incentive programs and how our expertise can work for you.

Buy SFR Homes 

“SFR” stands for “single-family rentals,” which are single-family homes that are leased to renters. Owning SFR homes can become a vital part of a real estate investing strategy to add value and diversify a portfolio.  

If you want to grow your single-family rental home portfolio, you’ve come to the right place. Marketplace Homes has creative real estate solutions for investors and homebuyers.  

Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced institutional investor, we have the right acquisition and investment strategies for you. Connect with us today to learn about this asset class and how our expertise has worked for countless real estate investors like you. 

Why Invest in SFR Real Estate? 

There are many reasons why you should invest in SFR real estate. From building a long-term wealth-generating plan to boosting investment confidence, here are the top reasons why our clients ask our realtors about SFR investment opportunities. 

  • Opportunity to cash in on the rent-heavy market: As home prices appreciate and rent continues to rise, many would-be homeowners are waiting things out. This has increased the demand for rental housing.  
  • Rent grows with inflation: Investors that lease single-family houses can benefit from steady cash flow that only rises with property values. Diversifying your investment portfolio with these properties can give investors more confidence to explore other investment channels like the stock market. 
  • Creates opportunity to invest in more real estate: SFR investments are much more than a hedge against inflation, but they are also a vehicle to grow one’s investment portfolio. Many investors leverage investments and reinvest gains into more properties to increase their bottom line, and we’re here to help with that process. 

Our teams can run the numbers on any property that strikes your interest. Therefore, before you buy, you will know an investment property’s potential cap rate, the home value after repairs (aka ARV), future rental income, and other stats that determine whether it’s worth your time. We will never advise you to pick up a property that won’t make you money! 

Diversify across Locations

When you work with a full-service real estate brokerage like Marketplace Homes, you get rare access to investment solutions that are hard to find elsewhere. We manage thousands of homes across the country, so you can acquire investments in different locations.

Not only do you save on the property management end, but you can also lower financial risk by not putting your eggs into one basket. When single-market shifts occur, you will benefit by owning rental properties in different areas.


Build Long-Term Wealth

Real estate has long been hailed as one of the key ways to build long-term wealth. As home prices appreciate and rents continue to rise, the cash flowing property acts as much more than a hedge against inflation. The ability to leverage investments and to reinvest gains into more properties has been a proven approach for millions of investors who seek the steady increase of property value.


Find Off-Market Single-Family Rental Properties

Finding off-market single-family properties gives you an edge over the investor using outdated Zillow listings. When you work with Marketplace Homes, you get access to our off-market properties. As an investor, the main driver of your upfront investment cost can be other buyers competing for that next investment home. Marketplace Homes enables you to skip that process.  

We have designated lists of off-market rentals in your specific target area and prices. When you partner with us, you’ll get exclusive access to these off-market listings. No more auctions and paying over what the property is worth just to grow your portfolio! Then your next step is to buy the right property, fix it up, then rent it (or flip it for a new homeowner)! 

Marketplace Homes: Offering Full Cycle Real Estate Management in One Place 

So, what happens after you buy an SFR home that you want to buy and hold as a rental? We won’t leave you alone to figure it out. All Marketplace Homes investment experts offer an all-in-one real estate management service that offers fully integrated solutions for real estate investor portfolios.  

Utilizing a vertically integrated team of experts for every step of the investment cycle, Marketplace Homes delivers core and ancillary services — all with one connection point straight to the investor. You will never need to jump here and there to get tax advice, to run numbers, find properties, make offers, or renovate your property. We do it all in house and under one roof. 

Real estate has long been hailed as a reliable way to build long-term wealth. Start your investment journey with SFR homes.