Buy SFR Homes

Diversify across locations

When you work with a firm like Marketplace Homes, who manages thousands of homes across the country, you can get the savings of having multiple properties without having to keep them in one neighborhood; or even one state. You can reap the benefits of diversifying against single-market shifts by owning rental properties in different areas.

Build long term wealth

Real estate has long been hailed as one of the key ways to build long term wealth. As home prices appreciate, and rents continue to rise, the cash flowing property acts as much more than a hedge against inflation. The ability to use leverage to invest and to reinvest gains into more properties has been a proven approach for millions of investors who seek the steady increase of property value.

Find off-market properties

One of the benefits to buying SFR specifically with Marketplace Homes is the opportunity to buy off-market. As an investor, the main driver of your upfront investment cost can be other buyers competing for that next investment home. Marketplace Homes has designated lists to provide you rentals in your specific target area and price.