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You’re out chilling on your lovely new patio. Maybe you’ve just finished a long day of gardening. It’s a hot day, and you think to yourself: “Wow, I could use a nice iced tea right now.”

There’s nothing like sitting in your brand-new backyard and enjoying a cold glass of iced tea. For all those times this summer that you might be thinking about sitting outside with something to drink, we’ve got you covered. Here are 8 simple iced tea recipes you can whip up and enjoy on a hot summer day.

1. A simple lemon iced tea with a boozy twist

We’re starting with a super simple yet delicious iced tea. Grab your cold black breakfast tea and mix in a couple of teaspoons of limoncello liqueur for a lemony, boozy twist. Top your drink off with the juice of a quartered sliced lemon. Mix your ingredients, and your limoncello iced tea cocktail is ready to be enjoyed on any hot summer day.

peach iced tea

2. Iced tea with ripe summer peaches

Mix ripe peaches, black tea, and honey for a refreshing peach iced tea for only a fraction of the cost of getting it at a restaurant like Olive Garden. Peaches are in season during the summer, so you’ll almost certainly find ripe, juicy peaches in your local grocery store. 

3. The iced tea that tastes a bit like dessert

If you’ve never had a Thai iced tea, you’re missing out. It’s a creamy, sweet, and refreshing drink. The recipe is simple, but you may have to hunt down your local Asian market for a Thai tea mix. But once you’ve got your hands on that Thai tea mix, add in some sweetened condensed milk and ice cubes, and you’ve got yourself a homemade Thai iced tea. Other milk alternatives work too – regular whole milk, 2%, coconut milk, and soy milk. If you can’t get your hands on a Thai tea mix, you can DIY your own by buying cardamon pods, star anise, and cloves. Follow this recipe for the alternative if you can’t find Thai tea mix.

4. The DIY matcha green tea latte

Sorry Starbucks, we’d go broke if we ordered your $5 matcha green tea latte every day. So we’re turning to Gimme Delicious’s recipe. Matcha is a finely ground powder made from young tea leaves. Matcha is much more fragrant and nutritious than traditional green tea. Matcha is not uncommon; if you can’t find it in the tea aisle of your local grocery store, try an Asian grocery store. The other three ingredients to make your own matcha green tea latte are milk, ice, and honey.

5. The iced tea with some fizz

For those who don’t have a Sodastream to make fizzy iced tea drinks, here’s the alternative – add club soda. To make Better Homes and Garden’s Garden Tea Punch, brew up some extra strong tea and add orange juice, lemon juice, and club soda. Mix in different mint leaves if you want that extra kick, and substitute orange and lemon juice with apple juice or other fruit juice.

6. The iced tea for when you’re feeling a little fancy

Our next iced tea recipe makes us feel a little fancy. The Kitchn’s Hibiscus-Earl Grey Iced Tea is easy to make, but the edible hibiscus ingredient may be hard to find for some. Your best bet is to search and order online. But for this recipe, all you need is some quality earl grey tea and dried, edible hibiscus flowers, which will add a tart, sweetness to your otherwise ordinary earl grey tea.

strawberry iced tea recipes

7. A fruity iced tea with an aromatic kick

Martha Stewart’s Strawberry-Basil Tea is a drink we’re going to have to try ourselves this summer (along with maybe all of iced tea recipes). To make her recipe, grab some fresh strawberries, mix them into your cool black tea, and add a couple of basil leaves. Not a fan of basil? Substitute with mint or take out the herbs altogether, we’re sure Martha Stewart wouldn’t mind.

8. In place of the classic raspberry iced tea

We’re sure everyone has either had raspberry iced tea before or made it, so we’re giving you an alternative to try: watermelon-mint iced tea. Chop up your watermelon into chunks (make sure you get a plump, sweet one) and mix it into your cool black tea with ice cubes. The watermelons will give your tea a natural sweetness so you can skip out on the sweeteners.

You can’t go wrong with an iced tea, and it’s a drink that’s basically fail-proof. Add any fruit to a black tea and you’ll be sure to get something tasty. Whichever recipe you start off with first, make sure your kitchen is stocked with lots of ice and tea, because we’re pretty sure you can’t resist drinking these iced teas all summer long.

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