For Current Residents & Owners

Call In a Service Request

If you are a current resident or owner of a property we manage and would like to submit a service request ticket please call the 24hr maintenance hotline below:

 877-6-Get-Fix or 877-643-8349

TIP: Please be prepared to give the Client Services team details about the issue. It would be best if someone were present at the residence to provide information, the more we know the better/quicker we can address the issue.

In these situations, please make sure to do the following prior to putting in a work order:

  • Carbon Monoxide – Call the Fire Department
  • No Electricity – Call or contact the electric company to determine if there is a local outage
  • Water Leak – Shut off the water immediately
  • Gas Leak –  Call the gas company
  • Garbage Disposal – Make an attempt to unclog yourself

DIY Fixes for Common Issues

How to unclog a garbage disposal:

How to flush the condensate line:

How to change the batteries in your smart home deadbolt:

Winterizing / Covering outside spigots:

Dripping faucet / Extreme temps:

Changing a furnace filter:

Changing a humidifier filter:

Controlling the humidity settings in your home:

How to reset breakers:

How to reset GFI’s:

How to light pilot on hot water heater:

How to reinstall bifold doors that come off track:

How to shut the main water valve off:

How to turn the water off to the toilet if it’s overflowing:

Smoke detector batteries:

Appliance filters:

Adjusting screen doors:

How to pop the garage overhead door off the track for manual use:

How to check & adjust sensors on the overhead door: