If you own rental investments, it pays to get landlord insurance. This policy offers important coverage to protect your portfolio and finances.

Property Damage

Landlord insurance covers various types of property damage including damage caused by tenants, natural disasters, and other unexpected events.

Personal injury claims

Landlords can make claims regarding personal injuries that happen on their investment properties, including slips and falls, burns, and other accidents.

Rent loss

To protect your finances, landlord insurance can cover situations that  result in loss of rent, such as tenant eviction, property damage, or a natural disaster.

Why You Need Landlord Insurance

Every business needs insurance to protect against potential incidents. Being a landlord is no different, coming with unique challenges like potential property damage, natural disasters, rent loss, and other liabilities. Landlord insurance is essential to any investor who wants peace of mind with their portfolio from day one.


obie and marketplace homes

Obie + Marketplace Homes

Marketplace Homes is honored to partner with Obie, an insurance technology company that specializes in providing landlord insurance to real estate investors like you. Obie’s industry-leading technology compares multiple policies at once, reducing the need for tedious forms and extended wait times. By making access to the most relevant options at once, Obie saves you time and money while offering you the best possible coverage options. 

How does Obie streamline the landlord insurance search?

Obie takes the stress out of finding landlord insurance policies for your rental investments by being a convenient, one-stop solution. Through using industry-leading technology, Obie leverages a network of partners around the nation to present the most useful plans for your budget and portfolio’s unique profile. You can get coverage quickly through Obie  a must when you need to insure your properties in a tight timeline.

“There is no company I trust more than Obie with my insurance needs. The service is exceptional and the insurance agents are beyond measure. Kelvin continues to go above and beyond to provide prompt feedback and answer any questions I may have.”

Kansas Morgan

“Obie is a wonderful company! I definitely recommend Ryan Schroder! He has been awesome at finding the best coverage for me! He always has the answers for me and quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. This is one reason I remain a loyal costumer.”

Cottage Inn Pizza

The Obie Process

Obie is an insurance technology company that specializes in providing landlord insurance to real estate investors. Using industry-leading tech, Obie compares multiple policies at once, saving you time and money.

Top Carriers

Obie shops top carriers to find the right policy to meet the needs of your rental property.

Nationwide Partners

Obie uses multiple sources of data and leverages a network of nationwide partners to find the policy and coverage to satisfy your insurance needs and budget.

Our TEchnology

Provides one of the fastest policy and quote binding insurance processes for residential real estate investment properties that are 1-4 units.

Get A Free QUote Today

To obtain an insurance quote from Obie, please have your property information and billing address ready. To expedite the process, we ask that you double check these items for accuracy when requesting a quote.