Institutional SFR Services: Portfolio Disposition

Need to sell one property or a portfolio of real estate investments? We can handle both big and small disposition needs.
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Real Estate Portfolio Disposition

The real estate investment life cycle starts with a purchase and ends with disposition. When the time comes to sell, real estate investors of all scales can take advantage of our efficient disposition solutions.

Whether you have one extra home from a loved one’s estate or a portfolio of investment properties to cash out on, we can help you determine the next steps that give you the best bang for your buck.

Our team of real estate agents has years of experience. We will advise you on the many disposition strategies that are available in the single-family market. We will run numbers on each property to see how they would perform under current market conditions. This will determine whether they would do better in a traditional sale or sold as-is to another investor. We can also sell a property mid-lease to another investor landlord interested in more cash flow.

Having options like this is just one of the many advantages of partnering with a group that has deep roots in all forms of disposition. Marketplace Homes has been doing this for over 15 years, and our team is one the best in the real estate industry.

Selling Real Estate Assets for Maximum Profit

Marketplace Homes has crafted an efficient program to help our clients sell individual and portfolio single-family assets to maximize value at exit. Whether the properties are occupied or vacant, Marketplace Homes uses cutting-edge underwriting software, our access to the MLS, and direct relationships with the largest buyers of single-family homes to assist our clients.

When you need to release a large portfolio of investments, you’ve come to the right place. We will also guide you through the disposition process and advise you on what type of real estate transaction would work best for your property. You won’t be given the easiest options or cookie-cutter solutions to get the job done faster, but you’ll have a variety of options presented so you can make an informed decision.

Portfolio Disposition: A Crucial Final Step in Your Investment Strategy

The most crucial steps of the investment process happen at the beginning and end of its cycle. While the real estate acquisition determines upfront and holding period costs, the last step of selling plays a major role in the property’s total profit. For this reason, we research the property’s market value compared to other available properties and help you see if it’s worth fixing and selling or better sold as-is.

Some properties can sell high with a glow-up, while others won’t get much gain in their market value after similar repairs. Our brokerage knows how to get you top dollar through various options besides the basic “put it on the market” answer. Every house is unique, so why would the same strategy work for different property types? That’s just common sense.

We’ll Make the Most of Your Investment Opportunity

Before you sell a home with us, you can expect a thorough financial analysis of your assets. This will determine what disposition method will give you the best payout as a property owner. Depending on the condition, location, and occupancy of the real estate property, we’ll make a plan to make the decision-making process as streamlined as possible.

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If you need to buy or sell real estate in bulk, our comprehensive portfolio disposition and acquisition programs will help you achieve your goals. We will work quickly to offer you a variety of disposition options so that you can cash out at the right time and for top dollar. If you need buyers quickly, you’ll also benefit from our close relationships with other institutional investors who are ready to buy in existing and emerging markets.

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