Sell SFR homes

Selling a portion

Every market has a unique condition, and every property has its own set of advantages. Marketplace Homes is entrenched in all of the top rental markets in the U.S., and deals with a variety of rental strategies. If you wonder whether selling certain properties in your portfolio will make sense, we would invite you to have a conversation and dive into to your real estate investments to see if it aligns with your goals.

Selling the entire portfolio

Market conditions and stage of life can heavily influence investors who might want to sell their rental properties. The same is true for real estate investors with an entire portfolio of homes. If you are considering your options for selling your investment properties and don’t want to go through individual showings and listings, Marketplace Homes network of investors may be bale to purchase your entire portfolio in one transaction.

Saving while selling

A popular option to reinvest gains from one home sale is to do so through a 1031 exchange. You may be at a point where you do not wish to reinvest, and just want to exit while prices are where they are. That’s okay too! It is important to speak with a tax or investment advisor to make sure you understand the tax implications and where you would ultimately like the money to go. Marketplace Homes will help sell your properties to the right buyers who can maximize your return.