Two years ago, a home office was thought of as a luxury for a select few. This optional, “extra” room was simply a convenience for those who worked overtime. But today, it has become a common requirement for a new home purchase. Why? You can attribute it to the “new normal” that turned the way we live on its head, causing everyone to work and learn at home 24/7.

And though pandemic-related concerns and restrictions have loosened for many, we’re still seeing people spend a lot more time at home than they did a couple of years ago. Schools and businesses have discovered the benefits of working remotely or hybrid beyond virus mitigation. More flexible work schedules, improved work-life balance, and savings on gas and food have made remote work desirable for new and current hires.

Now that more people than ever are choosing to work from home or in hybrid setups, they want to create a permanent home office that is attractive and efficient. How can you make your home office a better workspace that promotes productivity? Whether you want to upgrade your current home or buy a home and set up an office, this guide is for you. Check out these 2022 home design trends for inspiration!

From Temporary to Permanent

When people started working from home, many without home offices set stations up anywhere they could — from their kitchen tables to a corner in a den or basement. These makeshift spots weren’t pretty and functioned as temporary, with the intention of returning to the office in a few weeks. But now that more than two years have gone by and many companies are adopting remote or hybrid as permanent policies, it’s time to rethink the “temporary” setup.

Is your office currently at a kitchen table, but you now realize that it’s time to accept the change as permanent? Are you ready for the lines between work and home life to be clear? Redesigning your home to include a “forever” home office can help you thrive at work — establishing desirable boundaries between work and home. A better home office solution is within reach, no matter what you’re working with. How can you maximize your space with the latest home office design trends?

Home Office Design Trends for 2022

In 2022, the home office is now a way of life. In this light, designers are putting a heavy focus on productivity and versatility. On top of that, home offices are shedding the “makeshift” mantle and adopting a refined aesthetic. These are now normal, expected places that deserve the same attention to design your kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms have. Check out these emerging trends that are major mood and productivity boosters.

  • Boost natural light: Natural light is effective at keeping people alert and focused. If you can, station your home office near a south-facing window to grab the most daytime sunlight. If your workspace isn’t near a window, invest in excellent light fixtures, such as stylish floor lamps, chandeliers, and sconces. You may also install skylights or bigger windows to bring in more light.
  • Bring in the green spaces: Multiple studies have found that spending time around plants can reduce stress and increase productivity. To reap this benefit, bring in plenty of low-maintenance indoor plants like the Golden Pothos and Money Tree. Plus, green is a pleasing color that promotes a feeling of calm.
  • Use versatile furniture: If you’re working with limited space, you can make your office do double duty with versatile furniture. Modular furniture is trending this year as people try to make their current homes work. You’ll see minimal floating desks, desks that convert into coffee tables, and desks that fold into walls to make room for other functions like a guest bedroom or playroom.
  • Make room for breaks: It’s realistic to take breaks during the workday. If you have room, carve out some space to rest. This can include a small sofa with a side table to enjoy some tea and snacks. You can also add a quiet, screen-free activity like a favorite book or dartboard to give you a small escape from your work duties. 
  • Embrace Scandinavian style: 2022’s hot office trend is all about embracing simple, clean styles, which is why Scandinavian aesthetics are on the rise. Minimalist and efficient, this casual yet elegant style is easy to incorporate with your favorite decor. Consider it a timeless blank slate you can build upon while saving space. To be purely Scandinavian, focus on versatile, space-saving furniture that uses a lot of wood and white to make the room look bigger. There is also a heavy focus on natural light.

Get the Office You Deserve

You’ve worked hard. You’ve adapted quickly to changes and have risen above many challenges. If you have done everything you can with your current home, but just need to make a switch to a larger or more versatile dwelling, Marketplace Homes can help. We are a unified solution offering real estate services that help buyers like you with a variety of real estate needs. Contact us today to start your search for your dream home with a spacious office.

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