Real Estate

Guaranteed Purchase

Skip the stress of having to list your home for sale. We’ll provide a competitive cash offer on your current home.

Guaranteed Lease

Not ready to sell? We’ll provide you with a guaranteed rental payment for up to six years, plus FREE property management.

Lease Buy Out

Stuck in a rental? We’ll pay to buy you out of your current lease so you can put that money towards your new home purchase.

About us

Marketplace Homes is a realtor company dedicated to connecting potential buyers with their new-construction dream homes! Working with the nation’s top builders to identify the best real estate in new construction, we offer unique incentives for people interested in new home real estate. As both a physical and online realtor we can also make an offer on your current home without having to see it in person.

Additionally, we offer property management services nationwide for anyone looking to rent out a home in today’s real estate marketplace. When it comes to custom, creative solutions to real estate needs, let our new home construction company be your trusted resource.

The next steps

Give us general information

Provide us with your address and tell us what you’re looking for. Once we have a better idea of how we can help, we can begin crafting your customized solution

Details about your house

If applicable, take photos of your home and note
any additional upgrades or improvements

Custom solutions

Within 48 hours, our real estate experts will send
you custom solutions tailored to your needs

Choice of solution

You get to choose what solution works best for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

What price will you guarantee?

We agree to a price ahead of time based on our market analysis of your property. If you don’t agree, you do not have to move forward with our team.

What is the cost of the program?

Marketplace Homes will list your home for a 1% list side commission. In most areas, we recommend offering the co-opting agent 3%. That means the total cost is 4%. On a $300K home, this would save you $6K from traditional pricing models.

How fast can you close?

We close on the old home the same day as the new home and can be as fast as 1 week. A typical timeframe is about a month.

How slow can you close?

We can wait for over a year if needed to accommodate the builder’s timeline. Common is 30 days to 6 months.

Can I buy a used home?

Marketplace Homes will act as the buying agent on the new home and will be the selling agent on the old home.

What if I am moving across the country?

We are uniquely set up to be able to handle a guaranteed sale in one state and assist when you buy in another.

What if I have multiple homes?

We often guarantee multiple home sales if you buy a new home. Many times this has assisted newly married couples that have 2 homes and are consolidating households.

What if I can’t get a loan?

You need to pay cash or have a good source for funding your new home. We work with many professionals and can offer recommendations, but we are not a financing company.

What is the cost if you buy the home?
We purchase the home at fair market value less a 10% commission. If you had a $100K home, you would net $90K from our purchase. That is about what you would get with a traditional agent. Consider, they charge 6%: you often have to pay 2% in concessions and 2% in price negotiations. Plus, you cannot control the timing and may have double moves or double payments.
No one visits my home… how do you know how awesome my home is?
We believe that speed is very important in real estate. In this market homes are sold very fast and if you found your dream home, you need to act quickly and get a value for your old home fast too. Technology has evolved to a place that we can get interior and exterior pictures of your property prior to even speaking with you, 95% of the time. This allows us to value and price your home in about a day. If you home isn’t in our system, we might need to request interior pictures from you.
How do you value homes?

We use advanced automatic algorithms, but we also manually underwrite each offer. This means our experienced team reviews every home to make sure that human experience can differentiate between a fully updated home and one that isn’t so hot. Additionally, our local team must review your property for accuracy as well.