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Find new construction homes that are being developed in your area. Since we work with most of the top national and local builders, ask us to find homes that may not be listed yet.

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We can get you immediate cash offers on your home in as little as 48 hrs! Want top dollar for your home? We can also list your home on the open market for maximum upside.

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Now is a great time to own single family rental properties! Buy, Sell, and Manage your entire portfolio at scale with Marketplace Homes, an industry leader in SFR management.

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About Us

Marketplace Homes is a nationwide full-service brokerage that excels in meeting diverse real estate needs.

Not only are we dedicated to connecting buyers with new-construction dream homes, but we have a robust team of rental property managers, marketers, buyers agents, and listing agents that’s ready to work for you. Our company works with the nation’s top 20 builders to identify the best real estate in new construction.

We also offer unique incentives for people who are interested in purchasing new construction real estate. As both a physical and online real estate company, we can make an offer on your current home without needing to see it in person.

When it comes to custom, creative solutions to real estate needs, let our full-service brokerage be your trusted resource.

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