Guaranteed Purchase

Build a new construction home and we’ll buy your home, guaranteed!

Why a Guaranteed Cash Offer 
Matters When Building Your New Construction Dream Home

Building a new construction home is the American Dream! However, it can often take 120 to 500 days to complete. If your old home sells to fast or too slow, the dream can become a nightmare!

Selling too quickly can leave you without a home for a season, with your belongings in limbo. Meanwhile, selling too slow results in double paying a mortgage and leaving your first home vacant and vulnerable.

However, our Guaranteed Purchase program ensures that your home sells exactly when you need it to, eliminating the common stressors of buying a new construction home.

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Over 25% of all homes built in the U.S. do not close with the person that originally purchased it because of a home to sell issue. 0% of Marketplace Homes customers have home to sell issues, saving tens of thousands in lost funds and stress.

When we buy your home through Guaranteed Purchase, there is no need to “time” the sale of your first home and go through a lot of unnecessary stress. Ask us how we can help you get the home of your dreams without the headache of showings, expensive double moves, and rushing.

Selling Too Slow

  • Double payments
  • Massive price reductions
  • Cancelling on your completed home

Selling Too Quickly

  • Expensive double move
  • Pricey hotels for months
  • Having all of your belongings in boxes
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How It Works

If you agree to build a new home through one of our trusted builder partners, we’ll purchase your home. Therefore, you can confidently purchase your new home knowing your old home will be sold.

Picture this: No showings, disruptions, missed closings, double moves, double payments, uncertainty, or contingencies. We call that a win from every angle, and a better way to move.

  • Guaranteed Price
  • Guaranteed Timeline
  • Guaranteed Less Stress

The Next Steps

Fill out the form

Fill out the form to get started. Simply click on the image to the left and give us the main idea of what you need.

We will call you

After we get your information, we will contact you as soon as possible. In this conversation, we will find out more details that will help us create a plan that is tailored to your needs. 

We'll Assess Your Home's Value

Over the phone, we will give you the value of your home. This figure is backed by your home’s fair market value that’s derived from a real estate market analysis.

Purchase a new home

Now that you know what your home is worth, you have solid numbers to work with. This allows you to shop for a new construction home confidently. 

Be happy

Your old home will close on the same day as your new home. Zero delays, double moves, expensive hotels, or any other nuisance that typical sale contingencies experience. We have you covered!

Why Marketplace Homes?

  • Guaranteed Results

    More money for you = You will net more with less headaches and more certainty.

  • A Better Process

    Over the phone and online solutions mean an agent is never bothering you in your house.

  • The Best Team

    You get a Solutions Consultant, Marketing Concierge, and a Listing Expert on your team to maximize results and give you the quickest timeline.

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How Much Will I Get For My Home?

We purchase at fair market value and charge a maximum 10% commission, which varies by location.

Details Traditional Agents Marketplace Homes
Offer price $100.000 $100.000
Commision 6% 0%
Seller concessions 2% 0%
Double move possible Yes No
Double payments Yes No
Estimated cost of overage 1% 0%
Cleaning for showings $500 0%
Amount of showings 20 0
Uncertainty A lot None
Repair for sale TBD TBD
Net proceeds to seller $88.500 (at least) $90.000

Sounds Too Good to Be True?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my home doesn't sell in time?

We will give you a guaranteed cash offer to make sure your builder has the cash they need to build your dream home.

Am I able to change my mind and just accept a cash offer instead of list on the open market?

We would be happy to accommodate your real estate needs according to your preferences. If that means that you'd rather take your house off the market and accept a cash offer from us, just say the word. 

How do your cash offers compare to other ibuyer services?

Our cash offers are made after carefully examining your house's attributes, such as square footage, condition, location, and more. Since we figure in the most possible concessions upfront, our cash offers are honest and realistic compared to other cash offer services that mainly rely on AI algorithms. Our team of real estate experts take home valuation seriously, combining tech with human common sense. This results in a cash offer without blindsiding number drops and bad surprises.