Guaranteed Purchase

Build a new construction home, we’ll buy your home!

Why a Guaranteed Buyout 
matters when building your new construction home

Building a new construction home is the American Dream! However, it can often take 120 to 500 days to complete and if your old home sells to fast or too slow, the dream can become a nightmare!

Over 25% of all homes built in the US do not close with the person that originally purchased it because of a home to sell issue. 0% of Marketplace Homes customers have home to sell issues, saving tens of thousands in lost funds and stress.

Sell too slow

  • Double payments
  • Massive price reductions
  • Cancelling on your completed home

Sell too fast

  • Expensive double move
  • Pricey hotels for months
  • Having all of your belongings in boxes

How it works

If you agree to build a new home through a partner builder, we’ll agree to purchase your home. You can confidently purchase your new home knowing your old home is sold.

No showings, disruptions, missed closings, double moves, double payments, uncertainty or contingencies.

  • Guaranteed price
  • Guaranteed timeline
  • Guaranteed less stress

The next steps

Fill out the form

Fill out the form to get started

We will call you

We will set up a call with you

The value of your home

Over the phone, we will give you the value of your home

Purchase a new home

You can purchase a new home confidently

Be happy

Your old home will close on the same day as your new home

Why Marketplace Homes

  • Guaranteed result

    More money for you – you will net more with less headaches and more certainty.

  • Better process

    Over the phone and online solutions mean an agent is never bothering you in your house.

  • The best team

    You get a Solutions Consultant, Marketing Concierge, and a Listing Expert on your team

How much will I get?

We purchase at fair market value and charge a maximum 10% commission, which varies by location.

Details Traditional agents Marketplace Homes
Offer price $100.000 $100.000
Commision 6% 0%
Seller concessions 2% 0%
Double move possible Yes No
Double payments Yes No
Estimated cost of overage 1% 0%
Cleaning for showings $500 0%
Amount of showings 20 0
Uncertainly A lot None
Repair for sale TBD TBD
Net proceeds to seller $88.500 (at least) $90.000

Sounds too good to be true?

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to change where you send my payments. How do I do that?

Our Accounting team will send a document to your email called a “Bank Account Change Form” that will allow you to provide an updated account & routing number.

My resident is vacating and they caused damage.

Resident damages are covered by their security deposit. We will conduct a move out inspection to assess the condition of the home compared to the condition when they moved in. Your Property Manager will contact you prior to the Move-Out with Expectations, and then once we have that inspection report back to see what you’d like to charge the resident for and we’ll use the deposit for that. Should damages exceed the amount of their deposit, you’ll need to discuss that with your Property Manager.

There’s a maintenance issue at my home, how do I respond?

In the email you received about the work order there is a link to your online portal. In the portal, you’ll see the full description of the ticket as taken by us from the resident. 

  • Choosing “Yes” will indicate to the Property Manager that you’d like us to send a trade to diagnose the issue and present a quote for the repair. 
  • Choosing “No” will allow you yourself to move forward with handling or sending your own trade, in which case MH will sign off the Work Order on our end with you as the owner taking full responsibility for the ticket.