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Hire us to manage your home. We'll fill it starting at $1,000 and manage it for a monthly flat rate.

Why Having a Professional Property Manager Matters

Managing your rental can quickly turn into a full-time job. With many administrative, financial, and customer-facing tasks always on-hand, you can find yourself on the phone or at your laptop all hours of the day. When you’re not collecting rent, you may be responding to maintenance requests or trying to market another property. However, when you get Marketplace Homes to manage your home, we can do all the hard work for you. We’ll fill your home starting at $1,000 and manage it for only 8% of its monthly rent* per month.

  • We have an average 17 day fill time on listings at fair market value in good condition.
  • 98.5% of our residents pay on time.
  • There is an average 5 day turnaround between resident move-out and the next occupancy.

We’re the highest reviewed and most reviewed real estate management provider in the US with over 1,200 reviews on Google at 4.3 stars and over 465 reviews on Zillow over 4.7 stars.

 *Or a typical minimum of $120/month

Experienced Property Management
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We’ve Got You Covered

From start to finish, the Marketplace Homes Rental Property Management team has you covered. Utilizing our custom 360 approach to property management, our team of dedicated experts provides exceptional service before a resident even sets foot onto your property. From the first phone call to filling your rental, our team’s streamlined process makes your experience as a landlord stress-free.

Highlighted Features

  • 6-month Inspections
  • Thorough background checks on potential tenants
  • Professional photography and staging of your property
  • Virtual tours nationwide
  • A dedicated Marketing Expert to list and market your property
  • Syndication of listing to 50 different sites including Zillow and Realtor
  • Asset management recommendations from our in-house team of dedicated professionals
  • Our customized Rent Loss Protection Program
  • Nationwide maintenance and repair resources
  • Access to electronic records such as rent payments, tenant information, maintenance requests, and forms
  • 7-Day call center

Our Custom Approach

At the end of the day, no one even comes close to the level of professionalism and dedication that is Marketplace Homes. When you partner with us, you don’t have to wonder what’s going on with your investment. You can be sure it’s in good hands and we’ll be in communication every step of the way. We will even provide a complimentary inspection of your property once a year.

Full-service property management
Property management rental homes

Customized Plans to Fit Your Specific Needs

You have unique investment needs, and we’re experts in real estate. Let our special property management team help!  We can create a custom property management plan to ensure that it fits your unique investment goals, adapting as your needs evolve. Let’s work together to realize the full potential of your investment while keeping in step with market trends. This tailored approach will maximize your chances of getting the highest return on investment.

Meet Your Team

“Marketplace Homes treats your property like it’s their own.” – Jean W.

Solutions Manager

High level experienced real estate expert that understands the market, the challenges of renting and how to use that knowledge to set you up with the road map for success from beginning to end. Welcome to real property management, giving you the stability you crave as an investor.

Marketing Concierge

Dedicated person who strategically lists and markets your rental. Excellent at positioning your property to drive traffic to your listing. Syndicates listing to 50 different sites and includes great pictures, attention-grabbing copy, digital staging, and digital ads online.

Leasing/Listing Expert

The worry-free way to get your investment working for you. Our leasing expert helps you get your property occupied by conducting showings, screening tenants with thorough background checks, and finding the right fit for your home.

Property Manager

Provides the kind of nationwide property management services that help you rest easy, knowing your rental’s in good hands. Takes care of tenant during move-in and move-out for you, conducts regular inspections and also helps with any service issues that arise.

How It Works

Fill out the form

Let us know what you’re looking for. Once we have a better idea of how we can help, we can begin crafting your customized solution.

We will call you

Once you submit your form, you can expect a call from our Customer Solutions team. They’ll get to know your needs and match you with one of our property management experts.

Meet your property manager

Your dedicated property manager will go over your customized solution plan with you and outline the next steps in the process.

Buy, sell or stay right where you are

Depending on what you’re looking for, Marketplace Homes has the resources to help you sell your current property, buy new construction, or simply manage one of your real estate investments.

Sit back and relax

You’ve done it! You can relax knowing that your property is in the best hands and that the team at Marketplace Homes Property Management has your back.

Our Communication Promise

Whether you’re selling, buying, looking for a property management company, or just planning for the future, we understand that it’s an extremely personal journey. Making decisions about your home or investments is something that everyone will go through, which is why we promise that you don’t have to do it alone.

At Marketplace Homes, we pride ourselves on being the only real estate brokerage company to offer our Communication Promise. Our Communication Promise is simple: we promise to provide you with 100% transparent communication no matter what stage of your journey. What does that mean exactly? It means that no matter where you are in the process, you’ll hear from us every step of the way.

During the process, you’ll have hard questions that need to be answered and big decisions to make which is why when you work with Marketplace Homes, you can expect a team with more communication, more resources, and more expertise. Together, let’s simplify the process and build your custom real estate solution today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my home doesn't sell in time?

We will give you a guaranteed cash offer to make sure your builder has the cash they need to build your dream home.

Am I able to change my mind and just accept a cash offer instead of list on the open market?

We would be happy to accommodate your real estate needs according to your preferences. If that means that you'd rather take your house off the market and accept a cash offer from us, just say the word. 

How do your cash offers compare to other ibuyer services?

Our cash offers are made after carefully examining your house's attributes, such as square footage, condition, location, and more. Since we figure in the most possible concessions upfront, our cash offers are honest and realistic compared to other cash offer services that mainly rely on AI algorithms. Our team of real estate experts take home valuation seriously, combining tech with human common sense. This results in a cash offer without blindsiding number drops and bad surprises.