Sell My House Fast

Are you looking to sell your home? Then you have come to the right place. Marketplace Homes is a nationwide real estate brokerage that has unique home-selling solutions that are hard to find at an ordinary real estate agency. Whether you want to sell to homebuyers on the open market for top dollar or get a quick and convenient cash offer to move quickly, we can help home sellers like you get the best offer for either scenario.

When a real estate property no longer aligns with a homeowner’s needs, the next step is to find an experienced real estate agent to go through the home-selling process. Having an expert on your side greatly reduces the hassle of navigating the local market.

Marketplace Homes adds even more peace of mind and convenience by having quick access to cash buyers, a team of experienced listing agents, and fully developed teams dedicated to different stages of a home sale: from setting the ideal sale price to completing the closing process. Alternatively, if you need to unlock home equity fast and receive an offer instead of listing traditionally, we have a variety of options for you as well.

The Marketplace Homes Difference

Marketplace Homes offers custom, creative solutions for selling your home easily and efficiently — so you can move where you want to go! Whether you need a guaranteed financial backup or want to eliminate the need to move twice through a sale leaseback, our guaranteed solutions offer something for everyone. In fact, nobody else out there has as many options as possible for potential buyers of new construction homes. 

From cash offers to lower listing fees, our programs ensure you can get a good deal quickly and conveniently. In fact, one of our company’s specialties is helping people like you find and move into incredible new construction opportunities. With so many convenient options, there is no need to put your home for sale by owner (unless you still prefer that route!) Talk to our team about using a realtor to sell your home today.  

Long-Standing Relationships with Top Builders 

Our connections with most of the nation’s top 20 builders also grant you ample access to information regarding special new construction incentives like free upgrades or lower interest rates from a preferred lender. 

We are here for you from day one until your closing date. If you want to know anything like your current home value and how much home equity you need to buy a new construction home, contact Marketplace Homes today. 

Dedicated Experts on Your Side

Our team of experts is here to help you prepare your home for listing and sell your home for top dollar. We’ll create a digital marketing plan, market your property, and negotiate offers on your home to get you the best deal possible. Since our brokerage operates in teams, you’ll get expert guidance for every step of the selling process: whether it’s setting the correct listing price to negotiating contract terms with the buyer agent – we’re on your side every step of the way. 

Sell My House Fast: Back-Up Cash Offers

Do you want to build a new construction home? Not only can we help you with selling your house on the open real estate market, but we can also give you a backup purchase price via a guaranteed cash offer, too. This is unlike other brokerages that only have one option: putting your house on the open market and waiting to see what happens. 

If your home doesn’t sell by the time your new construction home is ready, Marketplace Homes will buy your home. It’s a guaranteed sale at a previously agreed-upon price based on our market analysis. 

The best part is that through our guaranteed cash offers, you won’t need to do any extra renovations or worry about more showings or open houses: it’s all set and ready to go. 

We’re also a lot more reliable than big box ibuyers that have been rescinding offers and promising “too good to be true” offers. We give our quote upfront with potential home improvements in mind so that you get honest numbers: not a pipe dream. 

Save on Real Estate Fees 

If you purchase a new home from one of our builder partners, you’ll only pay 4% in listing fees on your existing home. That’s 2% less real estate commissions than traditional brokerages and thousands in savings to you.

The official breakdown: We’ll list your home for a 1% list agent commission and recommend offering the buyer’s agent 3%. With closing costs like the down payment in mind, this is a significant savings in a real estate transaction.