Sell my home

Have you been hunting for the best answers to questions like “sell my house” or “find a realtor to sell my home”? Marketplace Homes offers custom, creative solutions for selling your home easily and efficiently — so you can move where you want to go! Whether you need a guaranteed financial backup or want to eliminate the need to move twice, our guaranteed solutions offer something for everyone. 

From cash offers to lower listing fees, our programs ensure you can get a good deal quickly and conveniently. In fact, one of our company’s specialties is helping people like you find and move into incredible new construction opportunities. Talk to our team about using a realtor to sell your home today. 

Dedicated Experts on Your Side

Our team of experts is here to help you prepare your home for listing and sell your home for top dollar. We’ll create a digital marketing plan, market your property, and negotiate offers on your home to get you the best deal possible.

Back-Up Cash Offers

Do you want to build a new construction home? Not only can we help you with selling your house, but we can also give you a backup selling option, too. If your home doesn’t sell by the time your new construction home is ready, Marketplace Homes will buy your home. It’s a guaranteed sale, at a previously agreed-upon price based on our market analysis.

Save on Fees

If you purchase a new construction home, you’ll only pay 4% in listing fees on your existing home. That’s 2% less than traditional brokerages and thousands in savings to you. The official breakdown: We’ll list your home for a 1% list side commission and recommend offering the co-opting agent 3%.