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The best property management option for homes in multiple states.
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National Property Management Company

Marketplace Homes is a national property management company that is a rare find in the real estate industry. We currently manage over 6,000 rental properties regardless of its market since we’re able to operate across state lines. Our real estate investment experts are dedicated to sourcing, filling, and managing, and renovating residential properties in portfolios of all sizes.

As a national property management group and brokerage, we are uniquely positioned to assist investors throughout the entire investment process, not just in buying or selling. This is because we have put all our services under one roof as a full-cycle real estate service that helps with all relevant needs including acquisitions and dispositions, real estate law, real estate taxes, filling investment properties with residents, background checks for resident applicants, property management services, asset management, and real estate solutions.

Whether you are a property owner with single-family rentals spread across the country or have a single neighborhood of build-for-rent assets, Marketplace Homes’ national property management services are equipped to handle any portfolio. Our management services combined with our acquisitions/dispositions services provide a rounded asset management solution for you and the other 6,000+ doors currently under our management.

Diversify Your Portfolio on a National Scale

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to buy your first investment or an institutional investor in need of a property management solution to handle a diverse portfolio, our national property team can manage rentals across state lines. We can manage single-family rental properties within HOAs too.

Individuals who inherit a property out-of-state directly benefit from this service, meaning a person living in New York or California inheriting a loved one’s estate in Texas as an “accidental landlord” doesn’t have to be hands-on in managing the property. It’s a win-win: the accidental landlord gets cash flow, vacant property doesn’t go to waste, and it’s one more home on the market in the midst of a housing shortage.

Our job is to make managing a property, regardless of its location, easier on landlords who just want more free time. No need to drop everything and drive hours to check to deal with an occupancy or maintenance issue — our professional NPMG is fully equipped to handle a variety of issues on your behalf. Ready to free up some time? Give us a call today.

What We Offer as a Property Management Company

  • Full construction management service
  • Property Marketing and syndication to 40+ sites
  • Leasing and underwriting services
  • Property preservation services such as inspections, maintenance, etc.
  • Customized reporting and accounting services
  • 7 day a week internal call center
  • 24/7 emergency maintenance coverage

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Property Mangement Company

How do you find a qualified tenant?

You can rest assured that we have a rigorous screening process for selecting only the most qualified residents. We look at their credit, background (where allowed by law), rental history, and income. If you have preferences about smoking or pets, we honor that. We’d love to set up a time for you to speak with one of our sales team over the phone. During this time, they can answer your questions in further detail.

How do you market the home?

We market your home both online as well as providing signage for your yard in the event potential residents are searching in the area. Our online listing will post to dozens of different websites that will include our expertly written copy describing your home along with digitally staged professional photography.

How do you do showings?

We use a system called Tenant Turner that allows potential residents to schedule showings 7 days a week from 9:00 am-8:00 pm local time. Our showings are all self-guided, so that allows your home to be shown up to 30 times a day, bringing you a qualified resident fast. For security purposes, the system will only grant calendar access to those who have provided a full name, phone number, email address, have answered pre-qualifying questions about their move in, and have a photo ID attached.

How do you handle maintenance?

We provide our residents with a 24 hour maintenance line. They need to contact us to report any issues and we will ask a series of follow up questions to make sure we understand what’s going on. Once we have those details you’ll get an email to see if you’d like to send out a trade of your own or have us send out one of our contractors. You’ll be able to approve any work once we get a diagnostic estimate.

How do you collect rent?

We collect rent via ACH debit every month. For past due amounts we will accept payment via credit/debit card as well as long as the payment is in full.

I already have a resident in the home, what do you do?

Great! We can take over as the Property Manager for your home, but we would require the resident to move over to our lease agreement and sign under our terms. If they are able to do so, we’d be happy to move forward.

What if I want to take my home back in the middle of the contract?

No problem! You can take your home back at any point. Please get in touch with our team to go over that process if you wish to pursue that option, there may be a fee associated and they can go over that as well.

I just want to know your fees.

Our standard monthly fee to manage one home* is 8% of its monthly rent (certain terms apply).  Specific pricing will be discussed with one of our property management experts. There is also a fee to initially fill the home** that is based on the tenant’s lease term.  We like to provide a custom strategy to you based on your needs, which is why we won’t really know until you talk to one of our property managers. 


*Monthly management fee includes: 24 hour maintenance line, an owner portal with electronic financial statements & billing, 7 day a week call center, an average 4.6 day turn between residents, 98.5% pay on the 1st pull.

**Fill fee: everything it takes to get a resident in the home: Application processing, professional photography & virtual staging, self guided showings.

I want to manage it, just need help finding a resident. Do you do that?

Absolutely! As far as the specifics, we like to start the process with an informational phone call with our Sales team so they can answer any questions you may have and explain our program to see if you’d like to move forward.

My mortgage is upside down, can you still help me?

Absolutely! We actually have programs specifically designed to help homeowners in situations like yours.I’d be happy to arrange an informational phone appointment with our sales team to go over the details of our programs and make you an offer as to how much we could pay you to lease out your current home.