If you have your eyes on a new home but need a flexible move-out period, you may wonder if it’s possible to sell your home and stay in it. The short answer to the question “Can I sell my house and stay in it?” is YES.

A sale-leaseback is a convenient and desirable option for home sellers since they can move on their timeline. It’s more common for buyers to offer sellers this during the contract negotiation phase in a seller’s market. Having extra time after closing day helps sellers plan moves just right, especially when they are waiting for a new construction home to be built and don’t want to move twice.

Overall, a sale-leaseback like our Sell & Stay program allows you to sell and stay in your home, allowing you to move out when you’re ready. Let’s learn more about it today.

A Sale-Leaseback for Your Life Goals

If you’ve been entering search engine topics like “buy my house and rent it back to me,” then you may want to know all the ways renting back your home can benefit you. A sale-leaseback program converts your home equity to cash and lets you stay in it as a renter.

When you have a busy lifestyle, simply eliminating the question of how to sell your home can take a big weight off your shoulders. There are many situations in which this program can assist you. Here are just a few.

  • Free home equity from your home to pay off debt without moving.
  • Use equity toward the down payment of a new home but have a flexible move-out timeline for work-related or other personal reasons.
  • Eliminate the home selling contingency and allow you to make an excellent down payment on a new house. This makes your offer more competitive and will enable you to pay down your future loan to get better interest rates.
  • Have a comfortable place to live while your new construction home is built. There is no need to move twice, saving you thousands in moving truck and hotel costs.
  • Get the freedom to move anytime with a guaranteed financial backup. No hassle of timing moves to the next home here!
  • Become a short-term or long-term renter without moving, with the option to repurchase your home if your plans change.
  • If you want to buy a new home but don’t want to have your purchase depend on another open market buyer. The amount of time you save not juggling two sides of a transaction adds up!
  • When you become a renter, you no longer have to worry about renovations, property taxes, or other homeowner tasks.

Sell & Stay Program Specifics

The Sell & Stay program from Marketplace Homes provides the ultimate freedom and financial options for homeowners who need to make time-sensitive decisions. You just need to do one move-in and one move-out, making relocating easy.

Whether you need to pay off debt or position yourself for a quick move, this program allows you to use your home to your fullest advantage. A real estate agent from our solutions team will help guide you through the process, explaining everything from your property’s value in the housing market to all your options within the Sell & Stay program.

Cash up Front

We will front you a cash offer of up to 80% of your home’s appraised value and then give the remaining value after your sale-leaseback period is over (we will sell your home to back these proceeds). Also, if the home goes up in value before we sell it and give the final cut, then you will keep 100% of the additional gains in home equity. This boosts mortgage lender confidence and makes it easier to look financially fit, a boon in a market when home prices are still surging and sellers still expect top dollar.

More Options

If you change your mind at any point and want your home back, you can buy back your home. Unlike lenders, Marketplace Homes can assist a broader range of clients with different credit histories and income levels. This allows you to be flexible if the real estate market changes and affects your options.

Less Hassle

There’s no need to worry about marketing to potential buyers, open houses, paying for repairs after a home inspection, or your old mortgage payments. A sale-leaseback allows you to make your next home purchase with confidence because you won’t have to juggle the typical logistics like storage units and hotels that affect your personal finances.

As you can see, a sale-leaseback opens you to various options that can assist you on life’s many paths. This solution is also flexible enough to provide many options that work with your evolving needs. Whether you are on the fence about accepting a new job offer, are in a transitional period of life, or are aware that you need to upgrade or downsize, having your home already sold is a major convenience.

It’s one of the most advantageous real estate transactions for people who need freedom and the ability to cash into home equity. Talk to one of our realtors today to learn more about the Sell and Stay program!

Yes, You Can Sell Your Home and Stay in It

If you need more freedom in your finances and in your moving timeline, turning your home into a rental can be an excellent option. Marketplace Homes is poised to help people make the most of their home value with this unique Sell and Stay option. We will help you make the best decisions based on your home’s market value and offer an honest purchase price based on human-powered valuations.

Marketplace Homes is one of the best companies that buy your house and rent back to you. Why? We operate nationally, so state lines are no barrier to your real estate goals. With over 20 years of experience in various markets, we know what it takes to make your experience the best too. We also work with real estate investors who can buy your home as a real estate investment, or we can sell your home on the open market to home buyers.

We also offer other guaranteed incentive programs like Guaranteed Purchase or Guaranteed Lease that serve as excellent financial backups. For more information, contact us today!