How To Turn Your Home into a Smart House!

In our ever-evolving digital society, smart houses are the latest buzz in real estate. It makes sense when you consider the amount of technology that we interact with on a daily basis. From smartphones to digital ordering at restaurants, it’s no surprise that the wave of digital has made its way into our homes over the years.

What makes a house a smart home? Simply put, a smart home is a residence that uses internet-connected devices to monitor and manage appliances and systems throughout the house. Additionally, smart devices can serve as personal assistants able to be utilized by your entire home.

With so many devices available in smart home technology, it can be overwhelming to find a home product that will work best for you and your family. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most popular and well-loved home tech items.

picture showing all the connections in the smart home systems

Home Security:

Home Security has been one of the most influenced categories of home tech. While residential security cameras themselves are not a new concept, their intersection with more modern technology has made these security systems more popular and accessible than ever.

– Video Doorbells

One of the most popular forms of home security are video doorbells, such as the popular Ring brand. These doorbells are motion-censored and connect to your smartphone or laptop. Whenever motion is detected, the camera attached to the doorbell begins recording, and streams directly to your phone.

Many video doorbells also allow homeowners to speak through the attached camera and microphone, allowing individuals to speak to whoever is nearby. These cameras are perfect for anyone hoping to keep an eye on their space in a lowkey way. They are great for keeping an eye on delivered packages, or seeing who is outside your home from anywhere.

– Indoor Home Security Systems:

For those looking to keep an eye on the inside of their home, indoor security cameras are often the way to go. The Google Nest camera is one of the most popular gadgets on the market and is the perfect option for any indoor cameras. These are often used to keep an eye on pets while out of the house or used in place of baby monitor cameras for those with young children.

There are many other home security systems that connect to your phone or laptop as well. Aspects such as alarms or auto-locks are able to connect to your Wi-Fi and give homeowners a better peace of mind.

cell phone showing an unlocked symbol next to a door handle and lock, smart lock.

– Door Locks

Another very popular smart home gadget is smart locks! These are digital locks that are used in lieu of ordinary locks and handles. Often times, these have digital keypads rather than a lock. Higher tech locks connect to your Wi-Fi and can be operated through your phone completely.

Tap your smartphone to the smart door lock to grant yourself access, or lock/unlock your door for visitors without leaving your couch! There are even options to unlock your door with a fingerprint. These are a great and convenient option for anyone looking to turn their residence into a smart home… Never worry about misplacing your house keys again!

Home Automation:

One of the driving forces of turning your space into a smart home is the possibility for home automation! Many devices are currently on the market that are able to work together to create a smart home system. Everyday items that we all use are going digital, and the number of options for smart home devices is only growing.

Voice Assistants

One of the most popular tech gadgets on the market currently are voice assistants. Powered by voice commands, these personal assistants can provide a number of services and complete tasks when asked. Some of the most popular home tech options, including Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and Siri, are projected to be used in over 63% of households by 2025.

These smart devices can do simple things such as playing music or answer questions about the weather. Many can do even more complex tasks, such as ordering groceries or starting your car for you. Many of these assistants even come with built in games and activities. These can include things such as Disney Channel trivia for kids, or guided meditation abilities.

Smart Speakers:

A smart speaker is a subcategory of voice assistants. While voice assistants all have smart speakers built in, there are also smart speakers that don’t involve a voice assistant. Typically, smart speakers are audio speakers that you can talk to and interact with.

The most popular options are Amazon’s Alexa in the Echo devices, the Google Assistant known as Google Home, and Apple’s Siri in the HomePod. Some smart speakers simply connect to your phone or laptop using wi-fi and Bluetooth.

Concerns Surrounding Voice Assistants:

It’s impossible to discuss voice assistants without bringing up privacy concerns found throughout many smart homes. They are often the command center of a smart home. Therefore, smart speakers and voice assistants can raise privacy and security questions due to their constant listening.

It’s critical for all homeowners to review privacy settings and watch what is said around them. With any piece of technology, a smart speaker is a tool and a potential vulnerability. With knowledge applied and privacy concerns in mind, voice assistants can be an extremely valuable addition to any home.

Smart Devices Making our Lives Easier

There are tons of options for those looking to utilize smart home technology, as most of these gadgets replace the day-to-day systems we’re already using.

Smart Lighting:

An extremely popular choice for those looking to turn their home into a smart house is with the use of smart lights! These are lights that can connect to your cellphone or voice assistant to be controlled. This interactive technology enables homeowners to turn lights on and off remotely.

There are automated smart lighting systems that can turn on or turn off after a set amount of time, which can lead to lower utility bills contributing to a more sustainable living environment.

You can even schedule smart light bulbs to turn on at certain times, This is a great option for those looking to give the illusion of being home while out of town, or looking for lights to turn on automatically as you begin your day. What a good choice for any smart home!

Smart Thermostats:

Smart Thermostats are one of the greatest options for those looking to save money. A smart thermostat lets you control your home’s temperature remotely via your smartphone or web-connected device. These are energy-efficient thermostats. This can help reduce heating and cooling energy use in residential homes by adjusting the set temperature according to various factors.

Some smart thermostats, like the Nest Learning Thermostat or Ecobee, can learn from your behaviors, preferences, and schedules to create a custom heating and cooling plan for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Smart thermostats look at weather forecasts, humidity levels, and consider whether or not you’re home, getting the best results for your comfort and your energy bill. For example, they can help you save energy by turning off the air conditioner when your smartphone GPS shows you’re not at home. A Smart thermostat is a wonderful option for those wanting a smart house!

Smart Garage Doors:

Using a smart garage door can be an essential part of any smart home system. These allow homeowners to open and close their garage doors using a smartphone app. This means no more frantic searching for a remote! Additionally, alleviate the panic when you can’t remember whether you closed the door as you left.

Many smart garage doors also offer security features like activity alerts, and some can even sync with your car’s system or your smart home network. You can easily check if the door is open or closed, no matter where you are.

Smart Homes Are Influencing How We Live

A smart home is not just about installing a bunch of gadgets. Rather, it’s about creating a digitally integrated lifestyle. As technology continues to improve each day, the number of opportunities for smart devices is only continuing to grow!

A quick Google search will show you even more smart home devices that are not listed here. From smart washer & dryers, smart cars, smart plugs, smart humidifiers, and much more…  There is truly a smart home device out there for anyone.

The real estate market itself has been tremendously impacted by technology and smart devices. Smart locks are utilized by real estate agents all over the country, as well as video doorbells, digital touring, and more.

The age of home automation is upon us, and millions are already utilizing the assistance of smart devices. What are you waiting for? Turn your house into a smart home today!