At Marketplace Homes, we offer a Guaranteed Sale Program to provide property owners a reliable option to sell their homes quickly and with minimal hassle. Here’s a description of how the program works:

  • Initial Assessment: Homeowners interested in the Guaranteed Sale Program can request an assessment of their property from Marketplace Homes.
  • Guaranteed Sale Offer: Based on the assessment, Marketplace Homes provides a guaranteed offer to purchase the home within a specified timeframe. We provide an honest quote of your home with typical repairs and other factors already in mind, offering some of the most accurate and honest cash offers in the industry.
  • Acceptance + Testing the market: Once the homeowner accepts the offer, we will also list their home on the open market. This enables our clients to potentially get more money through a standard real estate action. At the same time, the cash offer remains as a backup so they can still make big moves like provide their lender with a financial guarantee to buy a new construction home.
  • Peace of Mind: By participating in the program, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their home will sell regardless, whether it’s on the open market or be purchased by Marketplace Homes. No more uncertainty that’s typically associated with traditional real estate transactions!

Now, let’ see how this program works in a real life situation!


guaranteed sale case study

Test your home on the open market while getting a backup cash offer!

Marketplace Homes’ Guaranteed Sale Program offers homeowners a convenient and stress-free way to sell their homes, providing a reliable solution for those looking to move quickly or avoid the uncertainties of the traditional real estate market.

To learn more about our Guaranteed Sale program, contact us today!