Homes of The Chiefs, 49ers, and Taylor Swift: Celebrity Homes.

Let’s admit it: We all enjoy seeing celebrity houses! The real estate portfolios of celebrities are typically impressive. Filled with mansions sporting amenities such as tennis courts, in-house theaters and recording studios, seeing celebrity homes can be exciting. With the upcoming 2024 Superbowl, many are wondering where the Chiefs and 49ers players spend their time when not traveling and playing Football. (And, as always, how Taylor Swift falls into this.) Keep reading to learn more about where some of these NFL stars spend their time.

travis kelce, chiefs, and his house.

Travis Kelce: Kansas City Chiefs

Purchased in October 2023, star NFL player Travis Kelce made quite a big purchase: a $6 million dollar home tucked away in a Kansas neighborhood. The house is 17,000 square feet.

The seven bedroom, six-bathroom home includes a chef’s kitchen, formal dining room, media lounge, wine cellar, and full bar. The luxury expands outdoors, with a huge backyard and “Beverly Hills-style” pool. The mansion also has an outdoor kitchen, tennis and pickleball hot tub, and mini-golf course. All Travis Kelce missing is a football field!

Rumors are that Kelce bought this tucked away home due to pop star-lover, Taylor Swift. While Swift has an impressive real estate portfolio of her home, it is no surprise that Travis Kelce chose to get another space to host. While this is not Kelce’s main residency, he also has a more prominent, yet smaller house closer to Kansas City itself; his other estate is only 4,500 square feet. Despite facing major renovations somewhat recently, it seems Travis chose to steer away from a localized abode and into something a bit more tucked away.

patrick mahomes and an aerial view of his house and custom football field.

Patrick Mahomes: Kansas City Chiefs

All-star Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes also had a major real estate upgrade in 2023. While Mahomes and his wife made the real estate purchase of a lifetime for most in 2020, an 8-acre plot of land, the mansion was not completed until 2020.

Complete with many bedrooms and bathrooms, an indoor theater, state-of-the-art gym, massive fish tanks, and more, the Mahomes’ have everything they need right in their mansion. In a Netflix documentary interview, Mahomes shared that he “Decided to get the land, to get ready to build that right, when I signed my contract here in Kansas City,” He went on to say that he “knew I wanted to be here.”

The Chiefs Quarterback even has his own custom football field in his backyard, complete with his Mahomes logo at the 50-yard line, and both endzones reading “MAHOMES.”

Before moving into their custom mansion, the couple put their previous home on the market for near $9 million. Although smaller than their current residency, their previous home boasts four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a 200-bottle wine cellar, and much, much more. The nearby ‘old’ house currently still sits on the market, yet to be sold… Perhaps it becomes a guesthouse?

brock purdy, quarterback of the 49ers

Brock Purdy: San Fransisco 49ers

When compared to other extremely successful NFL players, Purdy’s real estate situation may surprise you. Purdy lives in San Fransisco with one of the other offensive line-men on the team, with whom he splits rent with. Although much is not known about the superstar Quarterback’s home, it’s clear he’s staying humble and living below his means.

PS: Brock Purdy, if you’re looking to get a place of your own or invest in some real estate any time soon, give us a call.

John York: San Fransisco 49ers Owner

John York is the youngest owner in the 49ers, and has been extremely successful so far; and, he has the real estate portfolio to prove it. York’s closest home to San Fransico, California is in the Los Altos Hills. John York isn’t the only successful person living in the area, either. The neighborhood is full of people from technology executives such as next door neighbor Sundar Pichai, the CEO at Google, to many Grammy winning artists.

York’s home was custom built for him and sits on 4.5 acres. The land is complete with his house, a guesthouse, gatehouse, large pool, bocce ball court, and outdoor kitchen. Additionally, he has an outdoor cabana with a sauna, massage room, and meditation area.

taylor swift at the eras tour

Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift has been quite the fan of Superbowl headed team Kansas City Chiefs, and is notorious for having quite the real estate portfolio. She never seems to be in one place for long. Whether its traveling for the eras tour or simply hopping from west coast to east coast, her homes truly sprawl all over the country. Many of these homes are referenced throughout her discography.

taylor swifts cornelia street apartment

Taylor Swift’s Cornelia Street apartment.

One of Taylor Swift’s most famous homes is her townhouse apartment located in the West Village of New York City. The $18 million dollar Manhattan apartment is referenced on her song Cornelia Street, which happens to be the location of the home. “‘I rent a place on Cornelia Street,’ I say casually in the car,” Taylor Swift sings in the opening line of the song. Yes, even Taylor Swift enjoys the advantages of renting.

The luxurious home has multiple wood-burning fireplaces, an indoor pool, floor to ceiling windows, and more.

Taylor Swift's mansion

Taylor Swift’s “Holiday House” Rhode Island mansion.

Another one of Taylor Swift’s homes is her more permanent residence in Rhode Island, a historic landmark nicknamed “Holiday House.” The popstar sings about the home on her album Folklore, on the song “The Last Great American Dynasty.” The song references the original owners of the home and the life of the woman who used to live there, compared to Taylor’s current music career and lifestyle. The home is the location for many of Swift’s star studded Fourth of July parties. The parties are always full of individuals Taylor has called friends over the years; from Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, to model friends Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne.

taylor swifts childhood home.

Taylor Swift’s childhood home.

Prior to Fame…

Before fame, Taylor grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania. In her song. “I Bet You Think About Me”, she references the home, singing “I was raised on a farm, no it wasn’t a mansion.” The Georgian style home Taylor Swift was raised in is over 3,500 square feet, and is a 5 bedroom, 4 1/2 bathroom home. Although her family moved from the house near twenty years ago, many fans still stop in front of the house to take photographs.

Taylor Swift has many other residences throughout the country, and has a growing real estate portfolio. From a Nashville, Tennessee penthouse to a California beach house, to a December 2023 real estate purchase in London, Taylor’s real estate portfolio is definitely expansive.

Celebrity Homes: Always impressive!

It can always be fun to see where celebrities spend their time when they aren’t traveling the world. While some stars live a bit more simply, such as Brock Purdy, the elaborate places celebrities typically call home can make many jealous. Indoor pools, acres of land, tons of amenities, and so much more, what’s not to love?

As players from the 49ers and Chiefs (and Taylor Swift, after a short Eras Tour revival) get ready to travel to Las Vegas for the Superbowl, the players will be competing for the championship title. Win or lose, they’ll be retreating back to the places they call home. And, who knows, maybe the celebrities will enjoy being in Las Vegas, and expand their real estate portfolios to include a Vegas penthouse.

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