Closing More Deals with Marketplace Homes

Right now, low inventory and high-interest rates are making homebuying challenging for many. This has caused the overall share of home transactions to be down 20% compared to last year. Mortgage demand in general is also trending down as rates climb.

However, our connections with most of the nation’s top builders and contingency-smashing solutions have enabled us to help many builders save deals. But don’t take our word for it. Here is our proven track record:  

  • Marketplace Homes is a 2023 Winner of a Stevie International Business Award in the Real Estate category.
  • Our Brokerage has recently been featured in over 380 news outlets for our innovative solutions, including KTLA, Yahoo! Finance, and MarketWatch.
  • In the first half of 2023, Marketplace Homes has partnered with builders like you to close 95% more deals in 2023 than in the first half of 2022. You read that right: in a slow market, we have doubled what we can provide. 
  • In 2022, our ibuyer services were 300% more likely to close compared to OpenDoor. 
  • We increased our remote buying of homes by 60% between 2021-2023, providing builders the financial guarantee required to close deals. 
  • Builder reps have saved countless deals by using one or a combination of our programs to help their buyers: 
    • Guaranteed Purchase: Traditional no-nonsense remote cash offer without putting the house on the market. 
    • Guaranteed Sale: Put the house on the market with a remote cash offer as a backup to guarantee the move. 
    • Guaranteed Lease: Turns the buyer’s house into a rental as we guarantee rental income regardless of occupancy for 2 years. 
    • Lease Buyout: Convenient Lease-Break with rebate potential to help renters become owners.  
    • Sell and Stay: Frees up equity in the old home to help secure their new home while retaining upside in the resale.  
  • We are also experts in the build-for-rent space, presenting ample opportunities for builders looking to sell to investors in a rent-heavy market: 
    • We currently manage a portfolio mix of 30+ BFR communities in over 10 states. 
    • Already accomplished: $500,000,000 in delivered homes. 

Many local brokerages simply come up short in a market like this. They may be able to offer discounted services or simply sell a home, but no one offers the national backing and range of solutions we provide. Simply put, our range of guaranteed programs help more buyers close on time for their new home.  

Marketplace Homes is the brokerage with the most solutions for builders and we have real people who can help you close deals. If you need a guaranteed solution, call 800-331-0646.