In today’s digital landscape, staying on top of mind through relevant social media channels is integral to a solid marketing plan. When you plan to market to buyers of new construction homes, reaching them via social media can take your lead generation game to the next level.

  • Note: Getting your real estate business established on social media can take time and involve trial and error. Hiring a social media agency can streamline this process, creating a personalized, professional marketing plan tailored just for builders.

Why Social Media Matters for Builders

Social media marketing is vital to builders for a variety of reasons. Here are the top benefits.

  • You’ll be where your clients are. Being present on the same platforms that typical homebuyers, investors, and other usual clients frequent is excellent for lead generation and staying on top of mind. 
  • Nurture new and old relationships: Social media helps you connect with new leads and stay in touch with past clients, who can be a source of repeat business. By keeping in touch with potential clients in all different places in the buyer’s journey, you’ll be there when they are ready to commit to purchase or sell.
  • Everyone else is doing it. If you still need to get on social media networks, then builders with social media accounts will be steps ahead of you. But not to worry – starting now will still give you an advantage over time.

Popular Builder Social Media Posts 

One of the mainstays of an excellent social media marketing strategy is posting relevant content. Here are the types of posts that generally work well for a builder’s target market.

  • New Models. New things generally get a lot of attention. Builders can show off new model homes to stimulate interest in exploring floor plans, lots, and more. Get even more traction when you network with real estate agents and brokerages.
  • Just Sold! When you post that your homes are selling, people notice! Your followers will become familiar with your successes and know your new homes are desirable products selling well.
  • Neighborhood spotlights. Showcase neighborhoods where your new builds are located. This can generate more interest in homes listed in the area, especially if they are near desirable conveniences like local shopping, healthcare, and rail lines.
  • Behind the scenes. Try doing a reel or post about a day in the life of a builder. It can be something as simple as laying concrete or installing a new window. Showing your clients a sneak peek demonstrates how hard you work – and it flaunts your expertise.
  • Updates on industry trends. Sharing knowledge about real estate trends like rising interest rates not only helps your audience navigate the market, but it shows that you know the industry and can be trusted with their needs.
  • Quick, helpful tips. General educational posts are always helpful, whether you want to share how to prepare your finances, how to build a real estate portfolio with new construction homes, how to build the floorplan of your dreams, or how to sell your first house to buy a new home simultaneously, general educational posts are always helpful.
  • Testimonials. Invite past clients to give honest feedback about their experience building with you.

In every post, each platform has ways to help you get more exposure, such as having partners and coworkers reshare posts or using strategic hashtags. Find the best practices for the platforms you use and test them out!

How to Measure a Campaign’s Success 

Each social media platform should have its in-house data reporting system where you can check basic stats like impressions, views, likes, interactions, reposts, and shares. It’s essential to gather data on what posts did well and what didn’t get a lot of traction to adjust your marketing strategies.

Since this takes a lot of time, it helps to have a team on this task. To fine-tune campaigns, try A/B tests to see what content improves in different situations. The more actionable, concrete data you have, the better you can gauge your audience’s interest. 

When you notice something that works — keep on going! If certain types of posts don’t perform well, simply adjust your campaign and increase what has been working better.