Boo! Spooky season is here — and so are Halloween decorations!

If you’re one of the many people who love to decorate for Halloween, you know it’s prime time to make your home the most impressive one on the street. Maybe your HOA has a decoration contest, or you just want to beat your personal best, but no matter why you decorate, refreshing your doorway for Halloween will make your home fit for the season. Not to mention, it will amaze all the little trick-or-treaters that come to your door!

While classic decorations like skeletons and fake spiderwebs are always on point, we also like to explore the new trends that home design influencers create. These gifted designers take a fresh spin on the tried-and-true and inspire us to make our homes beautiful for the season. 

So how are the trendiest influencers making their doorways spooky and stylish for Halloween? Check out these fun home Halloween decoration ideas that you can do right now.

1. Pink Halloween! 


Alright, we are obsessed. 

Kathryn Packard has done it again. Her content has been featured on HGTV, and QVC, and she has no sign of slowing down, with over 39k followers and counting. She invites us to share the joy of designing her beautiful home in creative ways. Her eye for aesthetics never fails, especially when taking a unique twist on classic designs. 

If you love pink and believe it belongs in Halloween doorway decorations, you need to follow @kathrynpackard right now. In this reel, Kathryn makes a wreath out of miniature pink and cream-colored pumpkins with black bats while integrating mini silver “disco balls” for some extra glam. Want the look? You can shop online right now to recreate this craft. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the incredible space she has made right next to the front door:

front porch swing with pink pumpkins and mums

Everything you see can be used year after year, even the faux mums from @qvc on Kathryn’s lovely front porch. Here are more pink pumpkins to continue the pink Halloween theme, and some cute pink pillows to create a balanced, cheerful colorscape. A good-looking porch with zero maintenance? Now that’s what we call outdoor living at its best!

Like what you see? Follow @kathrynPackard and get more incredible lifestyle inspo.

2. Playful Front Porch Halloween Decorations

It’s a little silly but still a little spooky. You can also do a lot with traditional colors, especially when you apply your creativity to the layout of your decorations. You’ll be amazed what inspiration you can find when you search for some free design images on Google!

pumpkins on front porch

                                                                                                                               Image by rawpixel on Freepik

We love how we get a little splash of fun with the smiling doorway blended with the traditional jack-o-lanterns. Bats mounted on the siding appear to be in motion, just like the creepy fuzzy spider hanging on the window to the left. The icing on the cake is the skeleton hands hanging on the doorknob, inviting trick-or-treaters to knock and greet their host!

3. Keeping it Simple But Sweet 


There’s also a lot of value to be found in keeping your designs minimal. You don’t need to spend much time or money transforming your home for spooky season. For example, Moody Blues keeps things simple but sweet by creating a clear focal point on their front porch, while using simple but eye-catching decor inside their home.

Placing two pumpkin towers next to the front door takes seconds but changes everything about your home’s mood. Even if you have a small budget and no time, you can still bring magic to your home!  As you can see, even a little effort can summon the mood of Halloween to your doorway.

stacks of orange decoration pumpkins next to green front door

Do you love the look? Then subscribe to @moodyblueshome to get more inspiration about seasonal decor, cooking, and other handy lifestyle tips. 

Make Your Home Cozy for Fall With Halloween Decorations

Whether you want to think pink or keep your front porch sweet and simple,  there is an influencer that speaks to your personal taste. When you take the time to browse the wonderful artists on social media, you can find so much inspiration for your home this season. And, if you’re looking to become a landlord or find your dream home, contact Marketplace Homes today. 

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