4 Ways to Declutter to Create More Space

No matter how large your home is, making more space at home offers many advantages. Not only do you enjoy more room to roam, but you also get some surprising mental health benefits. Decluttering and organizing is also a necessary step to take to create stunning listing photos if you plan to sell.

These four ways to declutter and create more space are sure to expand each room and open up more possibilities for interior design and home use.

1. Take your time.

Decluttering can be overwhelming. To succeed, choose a slow but steady pace. Comb through one room at a time or one drawer or cabinet a day. Over time, you will eventually clear a room and get rid of all unnecessary items in your home!

2. Sort items mindfully.

Before you clear out an area, designate places to store items to trash, donate, or treasure. If something is useful and in good condition, but you don’t need it anymore, place it in the donation box. Empty boxes and items that are broken or too worn out to be useful to others can be trashed. If you find a thing you treasure, then keep it!

3. Rearrange furniture with interior designer methods in mind.

You can transform your home without buying a single piece of new furniture. For example, you can align furniture to open pathways. Blocking areas with high traffic can make a house look cramped. Also, placing tall, large furniture against the wall can make the room look bigger. Removing drapes and setting up mirrors can also make the room look bigger.

4. Invest in better storage.

Suppose you find that after sorting belongings, you have many essentials without a home. In this case, consider buying storage solutions that can save you space. A storage ottoman, cube storage shelf, or storage trunk that you can tuck away against the wall or in a closet to keep essential but infrequently used items away until you need them. Basic shelf storage in an office or garage can also lighten the load around the house for organizing essentials.

Looking to sell your home?

By tackling one area at a time and making some strategic changes, you will eventually rehome all the items you don’t need to create a home that functions and looks better. If you are decluttering in hopes of selling your home or downsize, then it’s also a great idea to start a conversation with a real estate agent!

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