Looking for a guide for the best housewarming games? You’ve come to the right place!

Hosting a housewarming party with housewarming games is a great way to meet new neighbors and reconnect with friends and family after a lengthy buying process. If this wasn’t your first home, then you may have had to sell a home too, which means you did twice the closings and twice the paperwork.

Needless to say, it’s time to unwind and celebrate! Hosting a housewarming party is a great way to show off your new home and get some stylish gifts as a bonus. But how do you bring together a diverse group of people from different walks of your life? It’s easier to unite old and new friends by hosting some fun housewarming party games. Which ones are the most popular and enjoyable for a diverse group?

Your Guide to The Best Housewarming Party Games

Housewarming games are an excellent tool to break the ice and make a party fun for everyone. After you let everyone settle in with food and drinks, you can introduce some enjoyable activities that help people mix and mingle.

1. Meme My House!

This game uses Adobe’s user-friendly meme generator app. All you have to do is get your guests to download Adobe Express and use the app to create a meme about your house. They should then upload their creations to a shareable file, such as a Google Drive, or they can simply text you the memes when they are complete. Then, everyone can view each other’s submissions and vote for the best one. Adobe Express has a lot of awesome templates to choose from, making meme creation fun and simple.

2. Don’t Say “House”

Sometimes low-key, ongoing games can keep an undercurrent of excitement throughout a party. “Don’t say House” is an easy game that every person can participate in. At the entrance of your home, leave a stack of keys on lanyards. Tell each person when they arrive to put the key around their neck. If someone else catches them (or you!) saying the word “house” during the party, they get to claim every lanyard on the person’s neck. At the end of the party, tally up who got the most keys and give them a reward, such as a gift card.

3. Room Memory Game

For this game, you’ll need to give everyone a pen, a piece of paper, and a clipboard. Have guests enter a room and look around for 2 minutes each. Then, give them a time limit to write down every object they remember in the room. Whoever has the most items on their list gets to win a fabulous prize! For the best results, make it a room that isn’t within eyesight from common areas of the home, such as a guest room or office.

4. Old Fashioned Fun

While group games are excellent for breaking the ice, you can also let people split off into smaller groups to enjoy private conversations. Facilitate more mingling with small group games like leaving out decks of cards on tables, setting up corn hole and ladder ball outside, and leaving out some footballs and baseballs with mitts. These simple games are easy to play and don’t take a lot of time to hash out rules. 

5. Scavenger Hunt

This game takes some prep, but it can take away the stress of giving too many home tours. Make a list of items at your property that guests can find and check off their list. They should write the location next to the item, so you know they actually found it. For the best results, pick items that can’t be moved around easily, like a grandfather clock or blender. Whoever finds the most objects gets the winning score. 

6. “Stage A Room” Contest

If you have a room that isn’t quite “done” yet before the party, you can turn it into a source of entertainment.  Leave various furniture and decorative items in the room in no particular arrangement and instruct guests to arrange them to their taste. Place a polaroid camera on a side table and let each guest take a photo of their design concept as a submission. When everyone has had a turn to play, you can have everyone vote for their favorite room design.

Don’t have extra furniture or decor yet? Set up a laptop with a free room designing program. Using a photo of the empty room as a default background, have your guests stage the room using furniture and other accessories within the program. Make sure they save their work so that you can see all their incredible ideas. Display these digital submissions on a projector or TV screen so that everyone can comment on the digital room staging results. 

Is Housewarming in Your Future?

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