What Are “Quick Move” Homes?

“Quick move” is a term that refers to a move-in ready (or close to complete) new construction home. This term is also interchangeable with “spec home,” “inventory home,” and “quick move-in home.”

As opposed to a custom-built home, builders construct quick moves without a specific buyer in mind. Instead, it’s a move-in-ready home that incorporates a standard floor plan that is appealing to a wide range of homebuyers. But don’t think these homes are anything cookie cutter!

You can turn a quick move into a dream home by adapting its accommodating home design to your taste. Also, depending on its stage of completion, you may be able to select some aspects of its interior design, such as countertop materials or paint colors.

Home builders construct these properties in an emerging area where they anticipate demand for brand-new homes. Therefore, as these homes are near complete in the building process or finished, they go on the market as newly built homes.

Why buy a quick move home?

Quick move homes offer a few advantages over resale homes, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a convenient move-in timeframe. If you want to buy a home today, purchasing a new construction home is an excellent real estate decision for its modern design trends, updated home plans, builder incentives, and faster move-in timeline without the bidding wars!

Benefits of a Quick Move-in Home

There are many benefits of getting a quick move home. Here are just a few to consider.

  • You skip a long construction process. The long timeline of to-be-built homes is one of the biggest drawbacks to purchasing new construction. However, quick move homes are finished or almost complete, making your relocation faster and easier compared to building a custom home from scratch.
  • You can get a builder’s warranty, which covers a lot of problems homeowners wonder about when buying a new home, such as structural issues. This peace of mind can be doubled up with a home warranty and a solid homeowners insurance plan.
  • Homes that need to sell quickly can come at a discount. The same goes for model homes within the same community!
  • New construction homes are more energy-efficient than resale homes that need to be updated with modern, high-quality systems to be up to standard.
  • A new home community starts on a blank slate. You can get to know your neighbors who purchase the other new builds and create a new legacy as a neighborhood!
  • Many builders offer the convenience of a virtual tour, especially if they have a model home available. If you want to explore other floor plans, there may be virtual tours available for them as well.

These are just a few of the benefits, but there are many more when you own a brand-new home!

Find a Quick Move Home at Marketplace Homes

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