Revela, a leading property management solution that Marketplace Homes uses to ensure client satisfaction, just announced that it has raised a $9 million Series A funding round “to expand its product suite and meet the evolving needs of the real estate and property management industry.” 

Currently, Revela is the only software solution with a comprehensive application programming interface (API) system, making it uniquely able to handle the complex needs of owners and property managers.

Our president, Will Dickson, has nothing but high praises for the platform: “Revela’s robust API has empowered us to rethink how we leverage data and how we want to share that data with our clients, offering extensive insights into nearly every part of our clients’ operations has proven invaluable to powering their growth.”

Revela logo

The funding will go toward strengthening operations, including:

  • Providing advanced analytics on both an individual property and portfolio level.
  • Data and market trend reporting.
  • Improved communication channels with the Marketplace Homes team.

Throughout 2023, Marketplace Homes has used Revela to manage thousands of doors and nurture client relationships. We are thrilled to see this company grow and make efficient, sustainable, and quality property management solutions accessible to more real estate professionals.

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