September 2023, Ontario, Canada– The Breaking Ground Web Series team recently made an international trip to a Canadian construction site. And it was awesome! 

It’s not every day that you can get a first-hand experience of what your clients do, especially if they are out there braving the elements and building new homes. So, when the Breaking Ground team from Marketplace Homes was invited to come see the construction of a multifamily community happen in real time, they wasted no time and made a road trip. 

breaking ground construction site

On a beautiful, clear day in August, the Breaking Ground team headed out to Essex County, Ontario. The purpose was to film the skilled work at a construction site for a multifamily community being built by an investor partner of Marketplace Homes. Plans are still in genesis, but the community will essentially be an apartment complex with plenty of amenities.  

When the Breaking Ground team arrived, they saw builders operating machinery, pouring concrete for the foundation, and builders using sky-high excavators to prepare the site for more construction. As our digital marketing specialist Robby used his savvy skills to get aerial footage with a drone, the show’s host and CRO of Marketplace Homes, Andy Satkowiak, was invited to drive an excavator. 

Andy in an excavator

“We didn’t come this far to not drive this,” said Andy, as he stepped into the excavator and took it for a spin. 

It was a thrilling experience, which Robby did not waste as he recorded footage of it and weaved it into Breaking Ground’s epic Season 2 intro. The whole team was grateful for the chance to be there, especially since they had to postpone the trip a few times due to weather. 

“Much like everyone in the same boat in construction, there are inevitable delays that we have no control over,” said Andy. 

breaking ground construction site

Season 2 of Breaking Ground has been going on for a couple of weeks now, and it includes new additions like the Shovel Shout Out, which puts the spotlight on excellent developments in construction. And, of course, there is still the refreshing “meme of the week” right after sharing major builder news!

Stay tuned for more exciting Breaking Ground content this fall!