Where to Find Ann Arbor Property Management

When looking for a rental home, many prospective residents turn to property management companies to find legit listings. With the uptick of apartment business profile scams and fake real estate ads on social media, renters need to be extra cautious. So, if you have houses for rent in Ann Arbor, MI, then you can give prospective tenants in Michigan more confidence by listing with a rental property management company that serves the area.

Find Property Management the Ann Arbor Area

To find an Ann Arbor rental property management company, you can start the simple way and just look on Google. This will present a fair number of reputable options. You may also ask other investors in the Ann Arbor or metro Detroit area what kind of full-service property management companies they prefer. Property owners typically need to consult a variety of services in addition to property management like tax, financial, and trades to handle maintenance requests. So, it is a good idea to ask them who they use for these tangential services too.

If you have a diverse portfolio with rental properties in different cities and states, a national property management company would suit your needs. These companies have the technology and connections to local trades to successfully manage your property no matter where they are in the country. Otherwise, you’ll need several local property managers to help you.

But how much easier would it be if you didn’t have to jump from service to service to handle all the aspects of real estate investment? You’ll be thrilled to know that such an all-in-one thing exists. And it’s right in your neck of the woods!

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Full-Cycle Ann Arbor Property Management

If you own a portfolio of single-family homes, then you know how much time it takes to manage even one successfully. Residents need a lot of care on top of the regular logistics like rent collection and routine property maintenance. Residential properties also have occasional maintenance issues and routine inspections.

Marketplace One is the fulfillment of these needs. We just put everything- from financial to real estate services- in one place. No more calling the tax guy to ask questions about what you can write off and then driving over to the brokerage to list a new property and draft a leasing agreement. Marketplace One makes it possible for an investor to take care of everything with one firm: Marketplace Homes.

For too long, investors have scrambled from here to there to get tax services, financial advice, real estate services, and property management help. This results in services not being on the same page, making the burden on the investor stay organized and on top of each property, even though they are still paying everyone else to assist them.

Managing Ann Arbor Rental Homes

Ideally, you should pick a company that makes your life easier, offering value worth the management fees. Every investment property has unique character and needs, from its size, age, whether it’s an old or new home, a single-family home or condominium, in an HOA or not, and much more.

Pick a reputable brokerage that can adapt a rental management plan to your unique needs. Regardless of if you prefer a national property management company or local one, you can find what you need after doing enough research in the Ann Arbor area.

To find a residential property manager in Ann Arbor, MI 48104, contact Marketplace Homes today. Our phone number is 800-331-0646.