Finding Property Management Companies in Detroit

Do you have real estate investments in the Motor City? Then a Detroit property management company can give property owners like you your life back. If you’ve been juggling all the painstaking tasks related to rentals, then hiring a full-service metro Detroit property management company will give you the time freedom you crave and peace of mind that everything is done professionally.

Detroit Residential Property Management Services

Marketplace Homes offers these property management services that encompasses the full life cycle of a real estate asset:

  • Rental Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Renovations
  • Showings to Potential Tenants
  • Tenant Screening
  • Writing Lease Agreements
  • Move-in Paperwork and Inspections
  • Monthly Rent Collection
  • Financial Reporting
  • Tax Help
  • Owner Portal Management
  • Property Maintenance Requests
  • Move-out Paperwork and Inspections
  • Annual Inspections
  • Evictions (if needed in a rare case)
  • Buying and Selling Assets

All our services are under one roof to eliminate vacancies, create a positive experience for renters, and keep investment properties in the best shape. If you have a property in the metro Detroit area or surrounding areas in Michigan, check out if Marketplace Homes’ full-service property management is right for you.

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What do property management companies in Detroit Michigan do?

Though we can’t speak for the other reputable companies in our vicinity, at Marketplace Homes, we can tell you what we do. For starters, we’re the only hybrid real estate company and property management firm that takes care of the full cycle of residential property management needs in-house through Marketplace One.

Basically, our property management firm takes care of EVERYTHING. And we mean it. From finding homes, marketing and filling your rental home, to rent collections, maintenance calls, and to the final move-out inspection, we take care of everything an investor needs to successfully manage their properties.

Historically, single family home investors would need to jump from service to service to handle the full spectrum of real estate needs. This would mean jumping from the tax pro to make sure enough taxes are being paid throughout the year, going to an accountant to ensure all numbers are in order, then going back to a real estate agent to buy more properties, then call a property manager to make sure their rental homes are doing ok. This is a LOT of hassle, and frankly can get stressful, even when you’re working with one of Detroit’s best property management companies.

Marketplace One: Detroit Rental Property Management on a Whole Other Level

Conversely, Marketplace One decided to roll all necessary real estate services in one place so investors can finally relax. Need tax advice? We got it. Need an accountant? We have plenty. Need to look for prospective tenants? Our real estate experts are on it.

Need to ensure they are qualified tenants? We have the know-how to spot fake paystubs and all the red flags DIY screening can miss. Professional property management just got a level up with Marketplace One, integrating the best of all worlds into one place.

How many more properties on the rental market can you acquire knowing that there are property management solutions like this out there?

Property Management Companies in Metro Detroit

We kept this short but sweet, but if you have any questions, our team is prepared to answer all of your FAQs. Our goal is to get you on the path to profitability while keeping all other nuances like your property’s accurate market analysis in mind.

For a competitive management fee of $120 per unit minimum or 8% of the property’s monthly rent, Marketplace Homes can manage your rental properties in Detroit. We also operate nationally, so we can easily handle your diversified portfolio too. Contact us to learn more about our property management process.

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