What Is a Guaranteed Purchase Option for Your Home?

A guaranteed purchase option allows a homeowner to get a guaranteed cash offer for their home as a backup. This makes it possible for the homeowner to skip all the tedium of listing and selling a home on the open market and instead sell it to an investor.

It’s a great option for a home that’s in any condition, especially if it may need some work to show well. It’s also an excellent choice for home sellers that don’t want to have any reason to back out of a deal while builders work on their new construction dream home.

Where Can I get a Guaranteed Purchase Option for My Home?

To get a guaranteed purchase option for your home, you need to find a real estate service provider that can provide a cash offer. Standard brokerages typically just list homes on the open market and hope for the best. However, coordinating the timing of the sale can be tricky. This is why the option of a guaranteed purchase can simplify the process.

Having a guaranteed purchase option while listing a home is possible while working with a standard brokerage. To do this, you’ll need to find an investor and ask them to make an offer. However, not all brokerages have robust investor connections like Marketplace Homes. If you work with a real estate service that already has a network of investors on standby, you can get a guaranteed cash offer more easily.

What Is Marketplace Homes’ Guaranteed Purchase?

Marketplace Homes’ Guaranteed Purchase is a special incentive program that provides a guaranteed cash offer, so the seller is guaranteed to move into their new construction home. This program ensures that no home seller needs to deal with the stress of a home sale contingency.

Why Guaranteed Home Purchase Makes Sense

Over 25% of all homes built in the U.S. do not close with the person that originally purchased it because of a home-to-sell issue. This means that the original buyer ended up dropping out or not qualifying for the home financially. Typically, this happens because their first home fails to sell in time of the new home’s closing date. On the other hand, 0% of Marketplace Homes customers have home-to-sell issues by using a program like Guaranteed Purchase, saving tens of thousands in lost funds and stress.

Marketplace Homes Guaranteed Purchase

When we buy your home through Guaranteed Purchase, there is no need to “time” the sale of your first home and go through a lot of unnecessary stress. Ask us how we can help you get the home of your dreams without the headache of showings, expensive double moves, and rushing! Contact our team of real estate experts today!