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Once a design has been finalized for a house, it’s much easier and cheaper to replicate that design several times until you fill up the neighborhood. Cookie-cutter houses have been around since the 1950s and have pretty much become the iconic symbol of suburban living. However, consumer trends are changing and we’re seeing a shift away from cookie-cutter houses and closer to being able to customize homes in some way. Just like how tastes in clothes change and are different from our friends and family, we probably don’t all want the same house with the same exterior designs.

Popular architectural designs among homebuyers

Now, you may be wondering, is there one architectural style that sticks out more than others? Interestingly enough, the answer is not really. The NAHB concluded in their research on “What Home Buyers Really Want” for 2021 that we’re all pretty split evenly on what kinds of exterior architectural styles we prefer for our homes.

At most, 32% of home buyers prefer the traditional style of homes, which resemble more historical features such as simple roofs, covered entryways, front-facing garages. Following traditionally styled homes are contemporary styled homes at 24%. Contemporary homes include features like expansive windows, open floor plans, irregular or asymmetrical facades. 16% of home buyers prefer a transitional style, which is characterized as a combination of both traditional and contemporary. 14% of home buyers prefer modern styles, which include bold colors and boxy architectural designs.

New construction exterior designs that are on-trend in 2021

The modern farmhouse look is still going on strong. Homebuyers are increasingly looking for those natural wood accents, whites, and board and batten siding. The board and batten siding can be quite customizable depending on the sizing of the boards. This exterior style adds a very modern and sleek look to the exteriors and brings a fresh look to homes, different from the traditional vinyl or brick.

exterior designs - patio

As previously mentioned in our backyard upgrades blog, homebuyers are also looking for exterior lighting and patios. 33% of home buyers see patios as a must-have and 49% see patios as highly desirable. Other features home buyers are interested in are front and/or back porches and decks.

The architectural design of a home’s exterior is just one part of the selection process homebuyers goes through when choosing their next new construction. Color also matters. If you’ve watched any new HGTV shows lately, you’d probably know that beiges and high contrast colors are in. Homebuyers are into more creamy whites and pops of colors to accentuate certain design aspects these days. The black and white combination has always been around, but in the last couple of years, it has skyrocketed in popularity.

The bottom line

As much as style, color, and beauty matter to home buyers, functionality and durability also play an incredibly important role in the home buying decision process. Homeowners are looking for durable materials that allow their new homes to be greener and stylish at the same time. So as you think about incorporating some of these trends into your next build, you will need to consider both the exterior designs of the home as well as the interior designs and its functionality and durability.

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