landscaping tips for model homes - flowers

Wow. What a beautiful yard. You know the one. The one with the lush greenery and colorful flowers. Yes, that home with a beautiful yard can be your model home. Just like how we always emphasize the importance of curb appeal when you’re trying to sell an existing home, your model home’s curb appeal is equally important for attracting potential homebuyers. We did the work of researching trends and compiled a list of 5 simple landscaping tips you can incorporate into your model homes this year.

landscaping tips for model homes - lawn

1. A lush, green lawn

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? A green lawn is such a simple detail, but it makes it all the more noticeable to potential homebuyers when you don’t have a well-kept lawn. Luckily, keeping a lawn in tip-top shape is relatively low-cost and easy.

2. Colorful flowers 

Flowers are another simple way to catch the eye of potential homebuyers. Consider planting annual flowers, although you may have to replant flowers more frequently, you can ensure that you will always have colorful flowers decorating your landscaping during the different seasons. There are also options for easy-to-grow flowers, which will help cut down the time and money spent on maintenance, such as petunias and zinnias.

landscaping tips for model homes - fresh mulch

3. Fresh mulch, stone, and brick

Having fresh mulch is another one of those simple details that goes a long way. Mulch helps clean up the appearance of your landscaping and will help keep weeds at bay while retaining moisture for your other plants. The one disadvantage you will have to watch out for is that pests like worms like to hang out underneath the mulch because of its dampness and coolness. To keep the bugs at bay, spray your mulch with an organic insecticide.

Stone and brick may cost a little more, but they’re durable and can last a long while with relatively low maintenance. They come in a multitude of colors and can be laid in different patterns. Adding a stone or brick edging can separate parts of your landscaping into neat groups and can give your model home’s exterior a much more professional finish.

landscaping tips for model homes - native bushes and trees

4. Native plants and trees

Shrubs and trees can help create a good balance of sizes and colors in your landscaping. Opting for your state’s native shrubs and trees will cut down on maintenance costs since they will naturally thrive with your state’s weather. The Burning Bush is a great option; they are relatively low-maintenance and turn a brilliant red during the fall, which goes great against some dark evergreen trees. If you’re looking for year-round greenery, Mugo Pine is considered a hardy bush in most parts of the country and can be used as a natural border along walkways.

5. Balance and focal points

Just like how you want the interiors of your model home to be balanced and have certain focal points, your exterior landscaping is the same. You don’t want to have 200 different flowers and plants that will make things look cluttered. Design your landscaping with plants that complement each other with a good balance between different kinds of plants. You don’t want to have all trees or all flowers. Create specific areas where you want flowers and where you want trees. Consider planting in patterns. You don’t want the colors to look too odd or random. Stick to a few complementary color palettes, for example, some bright greens and purples with some yellow in the spring and summer for a cheerful, inviting look. Other color palettes like brighter orange tones can create an energetic look.

Our recommendation

Having landscaping that is both cohesive with the design of your model house’s exterior and organized can create an atmosphere that is much more inviting. With these five simple yet effective tips, your landscaping will be one of the first positive impressions you’ll make. But you also don’t need to go overboard with your landscaping. Plants can be time-consuming to take care of if you have a lot or pick ones that require more maintenance. If you are planning to sell your model home off later to a homebuyer, you also don’t want to burden them with plants they have no idea how to take care of. Our best recommendation is to stick with simple landscaping designs that are both elegant and organized.

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