How to Market to New Construction Home Buyers

As a builder, your bottom line depends on your relationship with homebuyers. Therefore, marketing to your prospects is a fundamental task in your business model. However, as with any industry, marketing isn’t a “one size fits all” process. Even when you find a method that works, the goalpost is ever evolving as consumer preferences and the housing market change.

Because today’s market conditions differ so much from last year’s red-hot seller’s market, this guide contains key tips for reaching new construction home buyers through effective marketing.

1. Gather Leads

There are potential customers all around you. Finding them and building a relationship of trust is critical to getting them to sign a contract with your company. Gathering a list of leads is essential before you can send out marketing material. If you’re starting from zero, try various avenues to collect leads. From standard website traffic, cold calls, partnering with other lead generation services, or going out into the community and establishing a presence — your plan will be unique and serve your company’s needs.

2. Find Out What Your Audience Wants

Understanding the home buyers in your market is crucial to creating a successful sales campaign. This information will help you make the most of your energy, allowing you to use your time and resources effectively. The more accurate information you get, the greater the success rates and customer satisfaction.

For instance, you may build in an area with a lot of commuters that need home offices and extra recreational space at home. Offering the floor plans they want can help you sell more homes. Or, you may build in a community with residents that want to be close to amenities (such as a live-work-play model). The more in tune you are with their needs, the better products you can offer to meet them.

3. Research Your Competition

Every market is unique, which makes it essential to research your area to see what people can afford and how your homes can stand out. For instance, do you plan to build in a suburb of a major metropolitan area? Then building near a commuter lot or rail station can be a significant selling point for people who go into the city for work.

Investigating the average price of move-up homes is a great starting point to gauge what locals will pay for similar properties in the area. This will also help you identify opportunities to stand out from the competition. For instance, what benefit can you offer that the existing homes don’t offer?

4. Keep the Buyer’s Journey in Mind

As you gather leads, you will notice that they are in various stages of the buyer’s journey. Some may be ready to buy right now, and some may be exploring their options. Separating your leads into different groups will allow your marketing team to create campaigns tailored to their readiness stage.

For example, if you have a pool of leads who are “just browsing”, then they may unsubscribe if they are given hard sells. Meanwhile, if you have highly motivated leads that are ready to step into a model home and look at floor plans, then you can send them marketing material with more “salesy” and direct content with a strong call to action. Or, you can even call them or send them a direct email invitation to set up an appointment.

5. Go Digital

This is not a suggestion but an earnest request. So much real estate business is done digitally, especially when nearly all home buyers start their home search online. As a home builder, you can establish a positive, authoritative reputation through various digital channels. This allows you to stay on top of mind with your audience. Everyone else is online — so should you. Here are some ways to use the internet to promote your new homes:

  • Social Media
  • Online Ads
  • Organic SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Text Messages

Using digital channels for marketing to new construction home buyers is an integral part of marketing in the 2020s and will be a mainstay as long as people rely on the internet to get information. If you need assistance in digital marketing, there are many third-party marketing companies that can help you. If you prefer to do this in-house, then you may also explore different lead-generation and management software that can help you keep track of your clients.

6. Network with Real Estate & Finance Professionals

Not all marketing needs to be digital though. Tried and true networking is still an excellent marketing method. There’s nothing like having a direct pipeline to buyers through other pros. A buyer’s first instinct is to consult a realtor, whether they want a new or existing home. If you establish strong relationships with real estate agents and brokerages, your new construction business will be on top of mind. You may even send your real estate partners digital and printed pamphlets that contain information about available home designs, your plans in the area, and price points.

Many buyers also consult lenders to get prequalified for a home loan before they start to look for a dream home. By networking with these pros, you can get a direct line to buyers who are financially qualified and ready to start the building process. When local realtors and lenders know what kind of homes and upgrades you offer, they can present your options when they encounter a client interested in buying a home in a new construction neighborhood.

7. Establish a Local Presence

While digital marketing and professional networking are two major cornerstones to marketing success, you should also be present in the community. Whether you sponsor a youth sports team, donate to a charity, volunteer, or set up a table at a local fair, a physical presence can help develop and strengthen relationships right where you will build.

Every time you venture out to the community, have vital resources like business cards, a list of quick moves and prices, printouts of any special incentives, floor plans, potential discounts, customer testimonials, information about warranties, credentials, and other offerings.

  • Pro tip: People love company swag and free stuff. When you go to events, give out plenty of branded items like pens, tumblers, tote bags, frisbees, cups, and other things people use daily. Your name will be brought into homes, grocery stores, restaurants, and anywhere else the items go.

Marketing to New Construction Home Buyers

These marketing tips are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do to reach your buyers. An excellent marketing strategy keeps a steady pulse on what clients want, so always be open to adjusting your marketing plan.

By targeting potential buyers with real estate marketing best practices, you’ll be able to reach more prospective homeowners. If you want to join hands with Marketplace Homes in selling new construction homes, then our realtors would be thrilled to grow a relationship with your new construction business.